18 August 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook 8.18.16

For Today
August 18, 2016

Outside my window... It is still rather hot and humid (92, feels like 99), but it's still summer in Georgia. There is little wind so it feels quite stagnant. Hopefully the rain will hold off to get in a swim after work. 

I am thinking about... my son in heaven. He would be 12 years old today. The days get better but the anniversaries, the milestones, they do not. Normally I would be in bed watching Jane Austen movies but instead I am working and am glad for the distraction.    

I am thankful... that I have such great friends. Not a lot of friends, but the ones I have are true "ride or die" friends.

I am wearing... dress, cardigan (currently buy 1 get 1 50% off), shoes, necklace, bracelet, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, bronzer, fragrance.

I am going... after work, I went home. I planned to swim but as soon as I was putting on my suit when it started storming. Boo. 

I am hoping... that my son has a fun and successful senior year of high school!

In the kitchen... breakfast was Jimmy Dean meat lovers stuffed hash browns; lunch was BLT salad; dinner was Trader Joe's orange chicken and vegetable fried rice. 

I am reading... Strong and Kind by Korie Robertson (finishing tonight-will begin A Low Country Wedding tomorrow night) and Southern Lady's Autumn in the South magazine. I always snapchat when I start a new book so make sure you follow me there.

Favorite Quote... “This strangely still pause between summer and autumn, greenery and gold, and the heat and the rising wind that is once again readying itself to rush it all away in a climatic symphony of colour and scent is, in my opinion, one of the best parts of living on Earth." ~Victoria Erickson 

A peek into my day... my view from the pool yesterday.Make sure you're following me in Snapchat for my daily comings and goings. My username is vintagewasp. 

16 August 2016

Happy 53rd Parentals!

Today is my parents 53rd wedding anniversary. They met and wed when they were still teenagers when my uncle (mom's brother) was my dad's basketball coach. Aren't they cute? Her bouffant makes her as tall as my 6'2 father. To be honest, I'd wear her outfit now. He was in the Navy and she went to legal secretary school. They lived in San Diego, Beaufort, Indianapolis, and settled back where they met in Kentucky. 

They worked and raised my sister and I. My father is in the insurance industry, which gave them many opportunities to travel. Sometimes my sister and I went but often it was their time alone. I am actually envious of their travels more than anything. They gave my sister and I every opportunity available and we are so grateful. They shuttled us (and paid for) private school 40 minutes one way each day, took us to piano lessons, friends houses, church every time it was open, and over all provided us with a loving secure home.

Mom and Dad are active in church and they love politics and sports. U of L (blah) is their team but in everything else Mom roots for the underdog always. More than anything (besides God) they love my sister and I and our children. Their grandchildren are their world. I hate that we live 400 miles away and so they were not able to go to Bry's school functions or ball games but they have gone to as many as possible for my niece and nephew. Thank you Mom and Dad, for showing us how to survive and thrive with your spouse for 53 years. Love you!


09 August 2016

National Book Lovers Day

 For National Book Lovers Day, I thought it is high time to finally share about the day I met Susan Branch. In June I looked at my Twitter and saw author Susan Branch tweet that she (and her husband) are coming to the Foxtale Book Shoppe in Woodstock (about 30 miles outside of Atlanta). Knowing that one of my besties, C, and I both adore her books, I texted her and the next day our tickets were bought. C. lives a good hour south so we met in Woodstock on that hot, hot day. You can see Susan's A Fine Romance van. Its so neat and had just been from Martha's Vineyard to California and back to Georgia (on it's way to Martha's Vineyard).
 This is a video of Susan giving a small talk before before the book signing. Susan, if you happen to read this, you have my condolences on the death of your father. xoxoxo
 Susan heard Baby E. during her talk and very sweetly had us, and other mothers and elderly get in line first. So this is C, S, and E meeting Susan, who was so kind to S and talked to her not has a toddler but as a girl. 
 This is a group photo. I adore this! I love my girls and wish I could see them more often. C's birthday present is supposed to come in on the 20th and I'll head down south after it arrives.
 The book signing was for the last book in her biographical trilogy, Isle of Dreams. I had already read that one and requested to get 30th Anniversary edition of Heart of the Home. I have already made a few recipes from it! The Basil Ice Cream sounds divine, only if I had an ice cream maker. Boo! Thank you to the Foxtale Book Shoppe and Susan Branch for having the signing. We had such fun!
P.S. I had to share this gem that E sent to me (via her momma ;). Is this not the sweetest thing ever? You'll notice blurring of the children's faces or Snapchat filter as well as using their first initial of their names for anonymity. 

03 August 2016

Back to School for Teen Boys


My youngest child begins his senior year of high school next week. My husband is taking him to school at this very minute to get him registered (the first year I have missed) as I am at work. While I am on my lunch break, I thought I would share a few items that Mr. Bry uses. My sister very generously gave him 2 large garbage bags filled with good name brand clothes. They are such a blessing! So, I will not be purchasing as much in the clothes department but here is what we have purchased and will be before next week.
More things will pop up after he receives his syllabi but for now, this is what we are purchasing.

01 August 2016

Bonjour August

Besides the heat, August is a nice month. So nice that I could not decide between the poems so I chose two. Here is what is happening this month (that I know of):
  • senior photos
  • first day of Bry's senior year of high school (insert crying emoji here)
  • school shopping
  • one more day at the beach
  • work, work, work
  • continue to get fat on Ben & Jerry's
  • visit the farmer's market
  • picnics
  • swim as much as possible
  • breathe, live in the moment, as it is all too fleeting
I hope that everyone has a wonderful week (and rest of the month)! 

29 July 2016

National Lipstick Day

When I was 12 years old I had horrible skin and wanted to start wearing make up to cover it up. I was an "early bloomer" so the acne started early. Before the age of 12 I was allowed to wear blush and lipgloss and had a lot of Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. Mother very smartly said that if I am going to wear make up then I needed to have it professionally done. No frosted blue eyeshadow for me. So, she took me to a place in Louisville that used the Color Me Beautiful approach and they taught me how to apply make up, what colors looked best on me, and how to be the best me. That was a great first step. A few years later I signed onto Alix Adams Modeling Agency and they taught me even more. After modeling, I knew what colors to wear and was given tips by awesome make up artists, but I'll be honest and admit that I still primarily wore lipgloss. It was in the early 2000's, everybody did, unless you looked good in brown (I do not) as that was the color everyone wore. Mother taught me to never leave the house without lipstick and though sometimes it is lipgloss, I rarely ever rebel against her rule. Especially as I am working in an office now, I see that a bit of color on my lips will brighten up my face and make me appear more put together. I do tailor the color to what I am wearing, since I know what colors to wear, it all blends nicely. I stick to the cool shades of variations of pink. A majority of my lip colors come from my Clinique and Estee Lauder gift with purchases so except for the Chanel and Burt's Bees, I rarely need to purchase lipstick. Here are my favorite:
For the bright colors, I recommend using a primer and blotting. After applying your lipstick, take a piece of paper or tissue and place it between your lips; close then remove the paper. My niece adores Kylie Cosmetics for her lipkit colors as they stay on all day and comes with a lipgloss. I have not tried them yet so I am reticent in giving a recommendation. 

25 July 2016

Monday Musings

Dixieland, Tennessee 

It's lunchtime on Monday so I thought I would take a moment to write about this weekend and a few other things on my mind.  I work during lunchtime so I'm simultaneously answering phones, greeting clients, and typing. We shall see how this goes.

Last week my youngest son left to go to my parents house in Kentucky for a few days. He has not had a vacation all summer since he worked and had summer school. Since summer school is over, we thought going up there would be a nice treat. He had a nice time with my niece and nephew as well as my parents. 

On Thursday, I decided that since B is going to get him that I wanted to go up there too and see Nana. We left on Friday when I got off of work. Traffic was not fun so it took us 7 hours instead of the usual 6 but we made it there before midnight. On Saturday we went to see Nana and the Bry's went to Maker's Mark (no Bryson did not drink; he is only 18). They got me a Tervis, which I have not photographed yet. I think the fellas at work will be jealous.  Nana was doing remarkably well for turning 97 next week. Of course she was a bit tired but who wouldn't be?! We talked for about 2 hours and I'll share her thoughts about longevity in another post.

On the way home we discovered a new park in Floyd's Fork (about as country sounding as possible, right?) so we decided to drive through it and saw an adorable deer, miles and miles of trails, and creek. If you're in the South Louisiville area you should check it out. I think Brown Forman (tobacco producer) is a large sponsor of the park as one of the silos is called the Brown Forman Silo.

After we went back to my parents house for supper with them, as well as my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and my niece's boyfriend. That was so weird that baby Rea can be old enough to have a boyfriend. He seems like a sweet fella, and I wish him luck with our family. ;)

If you have teenage boys especially, check out Ralph Lauren's sale. They have OCBD's for $35. I wear them myself. My son and I are the same size so it works out. I posted a link on my blog's Facebook page.

Are you over this election cycle? After the drama unfolding this weekend, I think both parties are exasperated.

My sweet father-in-law is not doing too well. Can y'all say a prayer for him? He has cancer and currently having some pretty bad complications. Thank you!

I need to get back to work so I'll stop here. I started my week off with a free Starbucks so I'm caffeined-up, wearing my new Lilly (in last week's post), and feeling great. I hope y'all have a wonderful one!

22 July 2016

Beach Blonde

Last year I began dyeing my hair with L'oreal Sun-kissed Caramel in Gold. I love it but wanted to make the blonde highlights come out a bit brighter and less brassy. Through shampoo and sunlight, my hair has gotten quite light, as you saw it the previous blog post. I was born a strawberry blonde but it turned brown when I was a wee girl so I have loved this change. I need to dye it again and bought even lighter dye this time. If I like it I'll share it next week. Unfortunately because of my dark roots with white strands I have to dye it about every 4-6 weeks as my hair grows super fast, especially in the summer. So, here are a few things I have learned to care for my light hair:

  1. Condition it frequently. Once per week I use the thick conditioner that comes with my dye. I also use a mask frequently.
  2. Shampoo infrequently. I normally only wash my hair every 3 days. I use dry shampoo for my roots in between. This is my favorite. I had a coupon for this new root color. I'm going to have to try it this week...it's bad but have not had time this week to dye.
  3. Use a serum.
  4. Use a purple shampoo. One of my favorite blonde attorney's unfortunately cancelled her blog but before she did I saw her post about using it. Let me tell y'all, it's a game changer for my blonde highlights. It makes them even lighter and takes out all brass. I mainly only use it once a week as it is drying but if I need it then I will add a tiny bit with my other shampoo my other day I wash. 
I will probably go back darker in the fall but for now, I am loving this beachy blonde look this summer.

20 July 2016

just the two of us

The Friday before July 4th, my husband said to me, "hey. what do you think about heading down to Saint Simons Island this weekend?". Our youngest is 18 and has a way to get to work so I said, "sure". We left the next morning and had a very short stay. Our family has been going down there for about 15 years ever since one of my husband's patients asked him to go down for treatment. Our family has gone down every summer except for last year ever since. It's our happy place. It was very odd with it just being the two of us this trip, but we had lots of fun! 

On Sunday we went to the beach but only for a few hours. The heat index was 108 and I literally felt like I was going to throw up and so we went to the pool to cool down. After cooling down, showering, and grabbing dinner we went to the pier every (actually we went both nights). Walked around the pier area then had homemade peach ice cream at Moo Cow. Oh. My. Stars. It was SO good and could easily eat that every single night and I'm not a sweet eater.

Monday morning I went into the Cloister Collection and got a Lilly dress (seen below) and blouse. I wanted to save my pennies for the sale the next day. We drove home and got ready for work the next day. I wish we had stopped at Vidalia and bought some onions. 

I decided to just show the photos without captions. All of these were taken with my phone, and most on Snapchat. I posted more on my Instagram and of course Snapchat.

Look behind me in the corner. I did not see him when I snapped it to send to my sister and BFF.

Until next time Saint Simons...

18 July 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today
July 18, 2016

Outside my window... I live in Atlanta...in July...must I say more? It's hot and humid. I went swimming yesterday and after less than 2 hours I am burnt. But, I love it too.

I am thinking about... Archie Bunker. How I need to dye my roots. I love my job but miss my freedom. Pizza. (I think I may be insane sometimes.)   

I am thankful... the police and the protection they give us.

I am going... to work then home to make supper then veg.

I am hoping... that my husband gets home from Ohio safely today. He has been visiting his daddio (that's what he calls his father) since Thursday. Another first for him to go without any of us.

In the kitchen... breakfast is eggs and bacon, leftover orange chicken and fried rice for lunch (from Trader Joe's freezer section ;), supper will be taco salad, dessert is peaches and cream pie.

I am reading... Sweetgrass by Mary Alice Monroe and new Garden & Gun magazine

Favorite Quote... “Secret codes and lore and lingo stretching back into that fluid time before air conditioning dried up the rich, heavy humidity that used to hang over the porches of Louisiana, drenching cotton blouses, beads of sweat tickling the skin, slowing people down so the world entered them in an unhurried way. A thick stew of life that seeped into the very blood of people, so eccentric, languid thoughts simmered inside. Thoughts that would not come again after porches were enclosed, after the climate was controlled, after all windows were shut tight, and the sounds of the neighborhood were drowned out by the noise of the television set.” 
― Rebecca WellsDivine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

A peek into my day... 
Starbucks Sweet Cream Vanilla Cold Brew is my new favorite drink!

12 July 2016

primed and ready to go

I realize I've been absent for a good while. I wholeheartedly apologize. Between vacation, work, and helping Bry push through on his schoolwork that ends on Friday night...I've been so swamped. I sometimes go onto my Tumblr when I need to decompress but honestly, it has been like a week or more on that one. Oftentimes I publish quick updates on things I find on the interwebs on the blog's Facebook and Twitter pages. Of course I'm fairly active on Snapchat and Instagram (@vintagewasp on both). Anyway, I promise I'm good and will return to posting as I am able. I keep forgetting my iPad to post about meeting Susan Branch, vacation, and latest buys.

Speaking of latest buys, I'm popping in to remind everyone that today is Amazon's Prime Day. I mentioned it on FB and posted these adorable earrings, which hopefully are not sold out as things are going quite quickly. Make sure you check out the Amazon Fashions. They even have Jack Rogers on sale. Good luck!

28 June 2016

Summer Sales and Pretty Princess

I adore this photo of the Cambridge's, especially of Princess Charlotte, in her first balcony appearance for the Trouping of the Colour. Her little wave is just the sweetest. Later on the Duchess said that though she has an angelic face, she has a feisty side.
Several stores are having their summer sales already. Most stores normally do not begin them until July but several started early. There are so many cute dresses on sale at L.L. Bean, Anthropologie, Vineyard Vines (not a fan of their quality lately but style is still on point) and J. Crew and J. Crew Factory. Let me know if you buy anything!
P.S. Yesterday was National Sunglasses Day and I was not able to post since I forgot my iPad yesterday morning...so tired...and got home late. I am an aviators girl, however, you must check out the inexpensive perfect-for-the-pool ones from Forever 21. 

23 June 2016

A Country Girl in the City

Ignoring the overgrown grass, Spring in Kentucky is gorgeous, evidenced by Muzzie's house. I just loved her house out in the country. I grew up just 10 minutes from her in Bullitt County (Bullitt Bourbon is delicious if you drink it). My house was on the border of 3 counties. To show how country it is/was, our schooling was in Bullitt County, electric and phone from Jefferson County, and water was from Spencer County. Seriously country, but I loved it. We could be in downtown Louisville in 30 minutes and back out to the country where the only store in 20 miles was the Country Pantry, which thankfully had a video store. I had an idyllic childhood mixed with kickball and catching lightning bugs intermixed with plays at Actors Theater and shopping at Saks in Cincinnati.

My environment is much different now, for myself, as well as B and the chitlins. B grew up in the country in Ohio but we both settled in a large metropolitan city and have "decided" to raise our children here. We wanted to spend as much time with my husband as possible and his job is smack dab in the city so we did not move out into the suburbs to find a house with a bit of land but have lived in a flat. I use the British word for apartment because it does not sound so bad. Now there are very nice apartments and there is plenty to do in the city, which my children have had the advantage of utilizing without being too far from home. We have traffic and ozone but we also have numerous restaurants, museums, and parks. 

Every week I read my hometown newspaper, Spencer Magnet, online. I see tractor pulls, column written by the pastor of Muzzie's church, Plum Creek, Public Notices of when someone buys property or goes to jail. I had to laugh when I read it this morning the list of all of the people in the county that did not pay their property taxes. I suppose it helps to notify them that it's owed but it may also publicly shame them into paying. :) Now to do that in Fulton County, GA would be quite the undertaking...they may run out of ink in the AJC! 

I think there are pros and cons to both living in the city versus living in the country. To me, I think raising children in the country was far better than how my husband and I raised our own in the city. However, my youngest son disagrees. He loves the city and hates visiting my husband's family homestead in Ohio. It's a good thing he graduates next year since I plan to move out to the country ASAP.

20 June 2016

National Wear Lilly Day (Also Summer Solstice)

The first day of Summer is also #NationalWearLillyDay. They are giving out gifts today as well. The tassel necklace is adorable if you spend $200, which is super easy at LP. They've brought back my favorite print You Gotta Regatta! I am buying this dress today and possibly this one. I'm trying to build up my work wardrobe so spending a ton at LP does not make sense BUT it's LILLY!

Here is what I'm wearing to celebrate. I bought this a few years ago at the After Summer Sale. Thankfully it's a tad cooler out today and even colder in my office. I doubt I'll be wearing it much after today until Fall. So far it is my only suitable-for-work LP dress. I'm considering the YGR Elsa but then I'd have to wear pants and Farrah don't wear pants. PS. I ate way too much pizza last night under that dress. Law!

15 June 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today
April 15, 2016

Outside my window... y'all, let me just tell y'all a little something about our weather. It is some kind of disgusting out there. If it is 97* (not including the heat index temps!) in June, law what will it be in August. Lord have mercy...

I am thinking about... those that perished yesterday. Their poor families.   

I am thankful... for online shopping and returns.;) 

I am creating... a list of activities to do this summer on the weekends. Now that my son is in the summer before his senior year of high school and he is working and taking 3 classes I realize our time is limited so outside of church on Sunday (the one day per week I know he will not work), I want to do some sort of family activity while we can.

I am going... to work then home to make supper then veg.

I am wondering... if we will ever get over this election. I mean, seriously, I'm so over it.

I am learning... nothing specifically but I read every day so I am always learning.

In the kitchen... breakfast is a breakfast bowl, lunch is a salad, and supper will be chicken and broccoli skillet with pimento cheese.

I am reading... Isle of Dreams by Susan Branch. 

Favorite Quote... The summer wind, came blowin' in from across the sea
It lingered there to touch your hair and walk with me
All summer long we sang a song and then we strolled that golden sand
Two sweethearts and the summer wind

A peek into my day... 

13 June 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I have two fellas in my life that I celebrate on Father's Day, my actual father and my husband. They are quite different but there are a few things that I think they will both appreciate so that is what I am sharing here.

There's much much more on Etsy but you'll have to act fast so that if personalized will be delivered by Saturday. 

10 June 2016

National Iced Tea Day

As a Southerner, I could not let today go by without talking about sweet tea. I have had to cut down on my coffee and tea because of my gastritis, but I still drink at least one glass of sweet tea pretty much every day. In my building is a cafeteria with halfway decent sweet tea but now that my son is working at Chick-fil-A I often get it from there or I make it. 

I prefer just regular sweet tea, made with either Lipton (Mother and Muzzie use) or Luzianna (my personal preference) but I've begun loving fruit flavored tea, whether it is sweet black tea or green. I also like sweet tea vodka. Sweet tea granita is also so easy and delicious. I've heard of sweet tea pie but have not made any. Here are my favorite recipes for sweet tea:

Though styrofoam is perfect for hot and steamy Southern Summer days, unless I am outside, I drink out of either my pineapple glasses or Mason jars. Mason jars are some kind of perfect. I use them for so many things but primarily for drinking purposes. Draper James has adorable lemon pitcher and tumbler. Colonial Williamsburg Marketplace also has gorgeous Levingston Glassware that look like it needs iced tea in it ASAP.

08 June 2016

Lilly Goes To Bonnaroo

In the mailbox yesterday was the latest Lilly Pulitzer catalog and as soon as I saw the outfits I thought of Bonnaroo! Bonnaroo is a hipster music experience that takes place this weekend in Tennessee. Though I would not attend because I prefer country or swing music (okay and 90's hip hop) and Indie music is primarily played at Bonnaroo, I can still be dressed in neo-prep attire (NOT WASP, prep) and pretend.
Bamboo Hoop Earrings (bigger the hoop, bigger the...;)


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