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Lent 2018

Yet another year is flying by! It's amazing! I've heard my grandmother and aunts say it so maybe it's just that I'm getting older. Boo!

Lent is a special time of year. As a Protestant, I did not grow up participating in Lent. Of course I knew about Palm Sunday and Easter-the whole Resurrection story. However, until about 5 years ago did I start learning that Lent is not just a Catholic thing. It is a re-setting thing. It's a focusing on Jesus and what he went through. It's about thinking and praying for others. It's about putting Him above myself, my wants, my desires. Ever since I began practicing (is that the word?) Lent, I feel so much more connected to Him.

Normally I give up social media but I've found that to be too difficult as a social media manager. Haha! I love being forced to go offline. If I have the choice then I'll spend my time on Twitter or researching digital marketing, but by saying in order to focus on Him I'm taking a break …

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