27 January 2012


Are y'all as fascinated with PBS Masterpiece's Downton Abbey as I? Oh, how I anticipate Sunday and wait for the next episode with high anticipation. Many of my Twitter friends tweet throughout the episode and it's fun. It reminds me of when I would be on the phone with my friend Kristy in high school and discuss Young and the Restless when it was on. If you haven't seen it I suggest going on PBS.org and watching the first season. Otherwise you won't understand the Matthew and Mary drama or why Bates and Anna just have to get married. I read that there will be a season 3.

24 January 2012


photo courtesy of Tumblr

Do you read every day like me? The library is my friend. I have tons of classics downloaded my itouch Kindle. I'm also a magazine-aholic. My grandmother has given me her vintage Victoria's and Town and Country's. For years I received Vogue, but recently didn't renew as the articles are less and less interesting and the ads take control. My books I'm now reading are Anne of Green Gables (on Kindle), Charlotte Mason Companion, January Victoria's, and books for homeschooling. I'm waiting on Hunger Games and I Take Joy from the library.

What are you reading?

23 January 2012


My parents blessed me by making sure I was in church when the doors were open. I've heard many times how my body is a temple. Granted this was used mainly for being pure and staying away from drugs. Since then I've realized it is used in all aspects of your body, especially what food you eat.

For the last week I have been on the hcg diet, recommended by my friend and husband whom did it last year. I will not recommend everyone take hcg, as it is a hormone. It doesn't always make you feel great, but does help keep the hunger at bay.

The main thing is you only eat very clean foods. Being in the land of Paula Deen that's not always easy, but I am trying to make it work. I'm used to frying everything!

Basically if the Lord made it then it is clean. I'm struggling with cravings when out, but so far do good. I've lost 8 lbs in the last week so that's a good start.

Praying, clean foods, exercise if you can, shopping online for new skinny clothes, and ponder Kate Moss's saying, "Nothing tastes as good as being skinny".

20 January 2012

Homeschooling Will

I never planned on being a homeschool parent. In actuality I never intended on being a parent yet I am a SAHM to 3. Only the youngest, Will (age 13) do I "teach". The older two, regretfully, attend a magnet charter public school. Will went to public school for 6 years and then the Mr. and I put him a homeschool academy. The first year was fantastic. This year, not so much. There are dictators portraying themselves as good christian folks. Will was expelled in December because of his grades. I had ankle surgery in December and was not able to help him with his work. Consequently he failed. Instead if giving him time for me to help him they dropped him, which was not good for his self-esteem. So, Legacy Academy lost a sweet student and besides homemaking and secretarial work for hubs I have a purpose. It's always amazing when God is in control. Now to catch him up and learn the classics, like any good WASP, he will be kept away from the violence of the public school in our neighborhood (i have nothing against public schools as i went to one for 6 years) and learn. "Keep on pressing on".

18 January 2012


I am testing this new Blog app on my spankin' new itouch. If it works I may be able to post more. My sweet husband bought it for me for Christmas but it just arrived yesterday. I wanted white and they were out of stock everywhere. If this works you'll be seeing more soon. Have a great day!

15 January 2012

Where oh where?

The Mr., the children, and I are looking for a new house. Ours has gotten too small as the children have gotten older. When my husband and I were talking about what we want we have 3 criteria.

  1. It must have a porch (of course) or at least a porch can easily be added.
  2. A small yard for a garden and lots of flowers.
  3. We want to be within bike riding distance of everything as we live in a huge city and I'm tired of driving. Basically, I want Mayberry in Metropolitis.
Wish us luck! Or, pray the Lord will send us where we belong...which of course is where we want to be...we hope.


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