20 January 2012

Homeschooling Will

I never planned on being a homeschool parent. In actuality I never intended on being a parent yet I am a SAHM to 3. Only the youngest, Will (age 13) do I "teach". The older two, regretfully, attend a magnet charter public school. Will went to public school for 6 years and then the Mr. and I put him a homeschool academy. The first year was fantastic. This year, not so much. There are dictators portraying themselves as good christian folks. Will was expelled in December because of his grades. I had ankle surgery in December and was not able to help him with his work. Consequently he failed. Instead if giving him time for me to help him they dropped him, which was not good for his self-esteem. So, Legacy Academy lost a sweet student and besides homemaking and secretarial work for hubs I have a purpose. It's always amazing when God is in control. Now to catch him up and learn the classics, like any good WASP, he will be kept away from the violence of the public school in our neighborhood (i have nothing against public schools as i went to one for 6 years) and learn. "Keep on pressing on".

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