15 January 2012

Where oh where?

The Mr., the children, and I are looking for a new house. Ours has gotten too small as the children have gotten older. When my husband and I were talking about what we want we have 3 criteria.

  1. It must have a porch (of course) or at least a porch can easily be added.
  2. A small yard for a garden and lots of flowers.
  3. We want to be within bike riding distance of everything as we live in a huge city and I'm tired of driving. Basically, I want Mayberry in Metropolitis.
Wish us luck! Or, pray the Lord will send us where we belong...which of course is where we want to be...we hope.


  1. Yes, praying!
    I can't imagine trying to purchase these days...the economy has made everything so difficult!

  2. I would even take renting a house. Poor daughter has to share her room with 2 brothers! I want my own space too.


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