27 February 2012

So many thoughts...

When giving up Facebook and Twitter for Lent I had no idea how much I depended on them for so many things. For instance, I got my news from NPR tweets. My comic relief from Donald Trump, Jr tweets. The goings on in my hometown from friends there on Facebook. That's the circle in which my cousins pass along family info!

On Friday my Dad's cousin died and Mother wanted me to find out how from his Facebook page. I said fine. I broke my vow for my Mother. Since then I haven't been on at all.

The most difficult part hasn't been seeing everyone's statuses or tweets, but I am not able to give my multitude if thoughts! I know that may sound selfish, but it's a fact. I'm one of those people that if I said everything on my head y'all may think I am bonkers. However, in releasing some of my thoughts I am able to not feel as stuffed in my head. I've decided to start writing them down or putting them in my itouch until I can rejoin social media.

I will admit that it is more relaxing in some ways not to need it. It's like my sweet tea since I've been dieting.

23 February 2012

Lent for non-Catholics

Being a protestant I never really thought anything about Lent. In the last few years I have come to understand what it means and think it's about reflection upon our Lord Jesus Christ; not having anything in the way in order to do this. Being at home most of the week I feel lonely and end up spending more time than I probably ought on Facebook, Bloglovin, Instagram, and Twitter, and watching television (not including family viewing). Now I don't spend near as much time as I used to, but it does occupy a lot of my time that I should be spending in the Word. So, I'm going to say goodbye to them (not here as I blog infrequently) until Easter. This is a big deal my friends. I hope this time will help me grow. Are y'all doing Lent, and if so what are you giving up?

20 February 2012

Diet Update

Diet Update:
A few weeks ago I first told you about my diet. It has been very successful! I have lost 22 pounds in a month! Yippee! That being said, for the last 13 years I have been gaining and losing the same 25 pounds and gained even more, much more. At 5'9 most people do not believe me when I say my weight. (Being a good Southern woman I will not give my weight and very soon will stop giving my age...most people don't believe that either though.) That being said, come January I weighed more than I did when I was pregnant with my stillbirth and what I weighed when I was 13 weeks with my last miscarriage! That's what happens when you sit on your hind end from June 2010-now. Though I am out of a cast I am not weight-bearing and spend a majority of my time in my wheelchair. So, you want the update?

I have lost 22 pounds in a month!

I will have a child take a picture of me soon and show you my before and after. I still have another 60-ish pounds to go. How daunting to see that actually typed out! Lord help me! My diet isn't too bad so I'm fine with continuing it until I lose the rest of my weight. If I keep this up I will have it all lost in 2-3 months. Perfect timing for the swimming pool to open in May. I have already been shopping for new outfits. So far Nautica, Vineyard Vines, and Boden have my current favorites as I prefer dresses to shorts. I will (hopefully) finally be able to fit in a Lilly and they aren't very pretty this year, insert sad face here. My husband's thrill of my weight loss and shopping for smaller spring clothes are seriously what keeps me going!

14 February 2012

Happy Anniversary to my Beloved

Fourteen years ago in a historical home in a small town in Kentucky I married my wonderful husband. It was a romantic, yet difficult night. You see, behind that bouquet was our growing baby boy. It was embarrassing as a good Christian girl to go before God and family in a wedding dress for all to witness my sin. Since then I have received God's forgiveness, but I don't think I have forgiven myself.

Anyway, on that cold evening I walked down those stairs to Harry Connick Jr singing "Ave Maria" to my husband. I will walk to and with him anywhere, anytime.

God knows best and as long as we have faith in Him any couple can overcome pretty much anything.

Happy Valentine's Day dear readers!

08 February 2012

Preppy videos

You may have seen these before, but they are so funny I had to share again.

This reminds me of my friends at CAL...

05 February 2012

My family

As my husband, whom I refer to here as The Mr, is yelling at our large telly, (don't worry, Downton is recording), I thought I would tell you a bit about my family.

The Mr and I have been married 14 years. He is a naturopathic doctor, but is actually Director of Operations for the clinic now.

When we were married I also married 2 children, whom both live with us. The oldest is a 17 (almost 18) year old boy, Alex. I also was blessed to get a daughter, Anne, who is 16. Alex moved in with us in 2006 and Anne in 2011. The Mr and I have a 13 year old, Will. I have had a few miscarriages and a stillbirth, Nathaniel that I feel guilty about not mentioning even though they are not with us. Someday I will tell you more about my babies in heaven.

I am in my mid-30s. My parents live in my home state of Kentucky, but I have lived in Georgia almost as long as I lived in Ky. I am a UGA football, Falcons, Braves fan, however, if UK is playing I can't root against them. My husband is a rower and hopes to someday race at Head of the Charles. Alex plays lacrosse. Will wants to learn fencing, but swimming is more of his sport. Anne isn't much of an athlete though she is 6'.

On my fathers side, they are all professionals, which is where my waspy side comes from. Ralph Lauren was introduced to me at a young age. Princess Diana was my favorite celebrity. Both sides of my family are predominately British (maternal grandfather was Welsh, paternal grandparents both English) so therein lies the Anglo-Saxon.

In 2002 I graduated with a degree in fashion marketing. My dream was to write for Vogue or T&C, but that was not to happen. I became a SAHM. Next semester I will begin obtaining my paralegal certification. The Lord has put my son in a position to require my teaching him, so we will be studying together and when he is able to return to school, Lord willing, I will return to work.

Well, here is a synopsis of our family. Welcome to our porch.

02 February 2012


I have lived in the South my entire life, however I am not one that harbors a resentment against the Yankees so keep that in mind while reading this post.

My now dear friend, General Beauregard Lee, a groundhog that lives in an Antebellum mansion about 30 miles from my home, did the most fabulous job today. He did not see his shadow, so we will have an early spring. When I read that in the AJC, I thought, you don't say. We have had our windows open off and on all "winter".

I must say that I agree with his decision, and not the Northern groundhog, Phil's, decision to see his shadow. That's rude. One of my very dearest of friends, Kelly, lives in PA and she loves the heat so I feel so bad for her! She and her darling family need to move down here.

I am disappointed that we more than likely will not see any snow, but I love spring flowers, so I'm not holding it against Gen. Lee.


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