02 February 2012


I have lived in the South my entire life, however I am not one that harbors a resentment against the Yankees so keep that in mind while reading this post.

My now dear friend, General Beauregard Lee, a groundhog that lives in an Antebellum mansion about 30 miles from my home, did the most fabulous job today. He did not see his shadow, so we will have an early spring. When I read that in the AJC, I thought, you don't say. We have had our windows open off and on all "winter".

I must say that I agree with his decision, and not the Northern groundhog, Phil's, decision to see his shadow. That's rude. One of my very dearest of friends, Kelly, lives in PA and she loves the heat so I feel so bad for her! She and her darling family need to move down here.

I am disappointed that we more than likely will not see any snow, but I love spring flowers, so I'm not holding it against Gen. Lee.


  1. Oh mama, I think that I have Southern ancestors because I am NOT a winter person!! I'd move to the South in a heartbeat! :o) Love this post, and your groundhog's name is way better than mine!!

  2. Yes, I most certainly have to agree with Mr. Beauregard! Bring on Spring. If we cannot have a decent snowfall, we have no reason for Winter.


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