20 February 2012

Diet Update

Diet Update:
A few weeks ago I first told you about my diet. It has been very successful! I have lost 22 pounds in a month! Yippee! That being said, for the last 13 years I have been gaining and losing the same 25 pounds and gained even more, much more. At 5'9 most people do not believe me when I say my weight. (Being a good Southern woman I will not give my weight and very soon will stop giving my age...most people don't believe that either though.) That being said, come January I weighed more than I did when I was pregnant with my stillbirth and what I weighed when I was 13 weeks with my last miscarriage! That's what happens when you sit on your hind end from June 2010-now. Though I am out of a cast I am not weight-bearing and spend a majority of my time in my wheelchair. So, you want the update?

I have lost 22 pounds in a month!

I will have a child take a picture of me soon and show you my before and after. I still have another 60-ish pounds to go. How daunting to see that actually typed out! Lord help me! My diet isn't too bad so I'm fine with continuing it until I lose the rest of my weight. If I keep this up I will have it all lost in 2-3 months. Perfect timing for the swimming pool to open in May. I have already been shopping for new outfits. So far Nautica, Vineyard Vines, and Boden have my current favorites as I prefer dresses to shorts. I will (hopefully) finally be able to fit in a Lilly and they aren't very pretty this year, insert sad face here. My husband's thrill of my weight loss and shopping for smaller spring clothes are seriously what keeps me going!


  1. Woohoo! Good for you ;) I didn't know you had lost that much. Not sure how much I have lost, I am not weighing, just going by my clothing. Your mom actually complimented my...so I guess it's showing!

  2. Can you share your eating and lifestyle plan, which helps control weight?

  3. In a a month? You need to give me tips! That's incredible, it took me ages to lose 45lbs.

  4. I will give my tips in a post this weekend.


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