27 February 2012

So many thoughts...

When giving up Facebook and Twitter for Lent I had no idea how much I depended on them for so many things. For instance, I got my news from NPR tweets. My comic relief from Donald Trump, Jr tweets. The goings on in my hometown from friends there on Facebook. That's the circle in which my cousins pass along family info!

On Friday my Dad's cousin died and Mother wanted me to find out how from his Facebook page. I said fine. I broke my vow for my Mother. Since then I haven't been on at all.

The most difficult part hasn't been seeing everyone's statuses or tweets, but I am not able to give my multitude if thoughts! I know that may sound selfish, but it's a fact. I'm one of those people that if I said everything on my head y'all may think I am bonkers. However, in releasing some of my thoughts I am able to not feel as stuffed in my head. I've decided to start writing them down or putting them in my itouch until I can rejoin social media.

I will admit that it is more relaxing in some ways not to need it. It's like my sweet tea since I've been dieting.


  1. Now you understand why I am so against getting a smartphone? We easily become consumed with things that don't really matter.

  2. I do...I hadn't realized.


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