30 March 2012

50 Classic Items

image from Matchbook Mag on Tumblr

How many of these items do y'all have in your closet? I need to get some of these items. Since I turned 34 I have focused more on quality vs. quality. In the past I would say, oh wow, it's $10 at Walmart/Target I'll take it. Never taking into account whether the color matched my skin tone, style worked for my body type, or if the materials were lasting. I have actually wasted a lot of money in wearing something just a few years whether than something that cost more but lasts for several years. This is a place to start!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I have almost everything except for the striped pajama pants. Can't see me wearing those...

  2. I have all but the striped pajama pants and the mini. Most have been bought in the last month for work. I have laid down some SERIOUS cash lately, but like you, I am no longer hitting the sale racks. I am buying for quality, fit and professionalism. Go class!

  3. I am sure I have most of these...I remember pinning this last year and doing an inventory :O) I find not everything is available here so I am always on the lookout when Stateside.

  4. That's my LL Bean grocery bag there!

  5. We're in the same fashion-zone, Farrah! I love a cute, well-made classic piece of fashion.


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