01 March 2012

As February closes...

Happy leap day! Technically it is March 1st, but I wanted to share with you all my beloved Victoria magazines that I have found at antiques stores, eBay, current subscription, and from my beloved Muzzie. Tomorrow I will pull out March's and love them too. It truly is the little things that can bring joy.



  1. I enjoy getting all the old issues out for March or April and have a lovely time going through them when I get a chance to sit. Since I now have quite a few of each month, I can read one a week, and it is always a surprise and a delight.

  2. Oh I left a comment about diet tips down below - all I can say is try to be vigilant, it's such hard work keeping it off.

  3. Thank you Lady Lydia and Tabitha for your comments!

  4. Mmmm...isn't Victoria the best? Just to step back in time for a few moments...heaven!


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