03 March 2012

My Diet Tips

Do not do this diet without doctors permission. In my previous post on my diet I had a couple of people ask how I am doing it, so here are my tips. Again, I lost 22 pounds in a month and have many more to go. So, here's my routine. And, do. not. break. from. it. How do I know? I took away something and my cravings got so bad I ended up eating pie and pizza and gained 3 pounds! It can be boring and it can be strict, but I have been talking with a friend whom has done this longer for some new recipe ideas.

I am following the HCG diet through Lean and Lovely. Basically the hcg keeps me from being very hungry and I eat about a 500 calorie diet. Yes, it is strict and sounds unhealthy. There are 3 phases to it and I'm on the boot camp type phase as I am extremely sedentary and slightly obese. My friend lost 25 pounds in a month and is now on the maintenance phase and eats pretty much anything she wants (sounds great!). I will say, that the first two weeks were not fun on hcg as I had morning sickness, but once that went away I have been fine. During that time I was also so very hungry and going through fast food withdrawals. Since then I have not had too many issues except for having pizza and cookies and pie on Valentine's day.

So, here is my diet plan:

B- 7 Sesame seed Melba toast crackers, 1 wedge Laughing Cow cheese
Morning snack- banana and 1 Tbsp. peanut butter
Lunch- Salad with feta and sun-dried tomatoes
Afternoon Snack- hard boiled egg with Dijon or carrots and hummus
Dinner- 2-3 oz. lean hamburger, chicken, or turkey with vegetable
Dessert- fruit sorbet

These are extreme small portions of everything. You get used to it. In a month I will be released by my doctor to begin swimming and hopefully I will lose more quicker.

Once again, I hate to recommend hcg to everyone as it has it's issues, but I have had success with it. Good luck!

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