05 March 2012


My husband, bGw, is a member of our local rowing club and loves erging and rowing/crewing. Honestly, I do not know the difference between the two so I am mentioning both. Over the weekend we were watching "The Social Network" and the twins were rowing. My husband took our NBM (nephew by marriage) down to the river and showed him the boat house and NBM was laughing and calling him a yuppie. Well, yes, it is a yuppie sport but my husband is more of the nerdy yuppie not true blue. Anyway, in looking through my picture archives I found a few rowing pictures that I discovered on Tumblr and Allposters that are just beautiful. I can see why my husband loves this sport!


  1. Can you imagine how peaceful it would be to be out rowing all by your lonesome? And how buff your arms and back would be??

  2. Mrs. J, yes, it would be so relaxing. That's what Bryan loves the most. Bryan says its a whole body workout not just arms. He needs to spend more time on the water to relieve stress!


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