22 March 2012

Touched my heart

Yesterday I was bringing my bonus daughter home from her friends house when she touched my heart to its very core.

Back story, I married my husband when Anne was 2. Her biological mother took Alex and Anne to Arizona. We had them every summer, but Anne belonged in her being to her mother. Unfortunately the mother went down a bad road and lost the respect and love of her children. Anne felt she was the adult and took care of the mother. She finally got tired of it and a little over a year ago she moved in with us (Alex has lived with us since 2006).

Last night Anne and I were talking about how living in a loveless household makes a person shut down and not be able to show love to others. She said, so is this why I couldn't cry when I lived with my mom, but I cry frequently at our home. Oh my word, that touched my soul. Its nice to know she knows she is loved.


  1. You know it's your home when you can cry there.

  2. THAT, my dear is the sweetest thing I've heard all day.


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