26 March 2012

Will's trip to NYC!

Last weekend (17-21st), my Beloved took our son Will to NYC. Beloved had to go for a brief business meeting and asked his boss if our son could come for his birthday (on the 20th). The boss said yes on Wednesday and they left on Saturday. As you will see in the pictures they had a blast. Poor Will had what he called "air bubbles" (blisters to everyone else) on his toe after the first day from all of the walking. My husband said they walked like 7 miles per day. I'm glad it was them and not me! Anyway, they went to the Empire State Building, Staten Island Ferry to pass Statue of Liberty (long line), Ellis Island, Little Italy, Chinatown, Manhattan, Central Park, Bryant Park, library, video game museum, and more!
He's tired when arriving
We aren't sure who/what he's pointing at, but it's a funny expression.
Central Park
Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral on St. Patrick's Day
They said it reeked of pot.
He's a gamer
Waiting on food in Little Italy
A owner of a restaurant in Little Italy that knew my husband from a nightclub he worked at here in Atlanta
We did a lot of FaceTime (here showing Anne the view from their hotel in Times Square)

These are just from husband's phone. I will download more from Will's and if there's anything else I will post this week. Stay tuned for our adventures from the weekend. I'm on my second iced coffee.

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