30 April 2012

Dixie Belle

On Monday night my guilty pleasure is "Hart of Dixie" on CW network. As a Southern girl I identify with the small town cast of characters. I actually lived in small town Alabama like Bluebell.

I will share more of the life as a Southern woman in future posts.

27 April 2012

Friday Five

I am taking a cue today from Hopsy and doing a Friday Five. This is what I'm planning on doing this weekend. My husband is working today and tomorrow at a trade show. (If you're in Atlanta go say hi to him at the Alive Expo.) Today is school and then we'll probably watch a movie. Dinner will be homemade pizza, sorbet for dessert, and popcorn later (salt and butter free for me). Tomorrow I'm going shopping!

I need to get some jewelry repaired. The closure broke on my cross necklace chain. My son's cross necklace broke, my watch needs a new battery, and a few links need to be taken out of my husband's new watch.

I need to get a new perfume. I gave my Marc Jacobs Daisy to Anne as I was kind of sick of it plus I want something new for spring/summer. I adore this perfume! It smells like I'm wearing Hawaiian Tropic. Nordstrom has a cool gift with purchase. My favorite website for finding gift with purchase is this.

I have 2 cheap pairs of the big sunglasses. I know that trend is still "in", but I have kind of a round face and I just don't think they look good on me, even the square pair. So, I think I'm going to go back to my aviators.

I'm downloading Kathie's book onto my Kindle as I need some new material, I want to support my blogger friend, and she is funny as all get out! She is a total kindred spirit.

This is the movie I want to see tonight. I hope my husband agrees.

Have a great weekend! xx

24 April 2012

Red Stamp

I cannot tell y'all how much I enjoy using Red Stamp! It's an app for Apple products (I'm not certain about Androids). I use it on my iPod touch all of the time! (My phone is a BlackBerry, sad face.) You can use pictures on your camera roll if you like and create any type of cards. The cards you create can be tweeted, emailed, or printed directly from the app! Balfour had a delay on Alex's high school graduation announcements so I needed to do something myself. On Twitter, Hopsy talked about her love of Red Stamp so I checked it out. Now, I use it for just about everything! As a WASP and Southern girl, if I wasn't to send a thank you note I would be kicked out of Georgia and my family. Seriously. Mother reminds me all of the time to make sure to send a thank you note. I always do before the reminder. I'm cool like that. I still use cute stationary for most things, but when time is a crunch a cute email card is better than nothing...especially when there's a potential for gifts!

P.S. I didn't show the announcement because I'm not sure how to take out the info of where the graduation takes place. Once I do I'll share it!

23 April 2012

Menu Plan Monday

For years on my other blogs, every Monday I listed my weekly menu plan. I truly find having at least an idea or list of potential dinners makes life easier. I am not going to list what night I plan on having what just because I get frustrated with myself if it does not happen. I need a list of dinners, but I have to be a bit more flexible. Last week we had an issue that required both my husband and I to be gone at the same time around dinnertime. I felt SO guilty! I mean the two that were at home were 16 and 14 so they were certainly capable to find something to eat. However, I felt bad that they had to have the frozen burgers I keep on hand. See, that's how weird I get about these menu plans! So, instead of freaking, I will have a list of dinners that I plan, but not on which days. When I wake up I'll get the meat out to defrost that sounds good for that day and not fret so much.

chicken biscuit
bacon, egg, cheese biscuit
eggs and toast
fruit smoothies
breakfast burrito
leftover pancakes (if there are any)

chicken tenders
dinner leftovers

pancakes and turkey bacon/sausage
chicken enchilladas and salad
potato bar and salad
General Tso chicken and fried rice
homemade pizza
Kentucky hot brown and salad
soup of some sort and rolls

19 April 2012

Fine china

My beloved and I didn't register for china when we married 14 years ago. Honestly, Mother should have insisted, but she didn't. My sister received several pieces of her china when she married 8 years prior to mine. Hmph. Anyway, I'm ready to remedy the situation. Mother is a Lenox fan, but that's not so much my style. I want clean lines like in the picture i found on Tumblr. Other than that I'm not sure what to look for. Do y'all have china? If so, what brand? Do you use it?

14 April 2012

Some thoughts

Taken with Instagram

I had not planned on posting today, but both Ree and Giada are reruns, my husband is at the chiropractor, and the teenagers are sleeping. Speaking of Ree and Giada, in the last month I have had the privilege of buying a few new cookbooks of theirs from Costco and plan on using these books to plan my menu for next week. I bought this, this, this, and this! Woo-hoo! Everything I have ever made from either chef has turned out well.

The photo above was taken yesterday outside of my apartment building. I went outside and got some vitamin D, prayed, and thought about His creation. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own world, however if we think about His world our problems feel less important. It has been beautiful these past few days! I'll admit that the last few weeks have stressful as we got bad news, Mandy moved in, and Alex and Anne's mom is causing trouble again.

Last night I painted my toenails for the first time in a pretty tangerine color, which by the way, is the Pantetone color of the year.

I guess I should be productive and get busy menu planning and then making lunch for when the crew rises. I have my dessert in the fridge for later. I'll leave you with the recipe.

Blueberry Salad
2-3oz boxes grape Jell-O
2C boiling water
1-20oz can crushed pineapple, undrained (I had some leftover pineapple chunks and purchased can of juice)
1 can blueberry pie filling
whipped topping

In a large bowl or large Pyrex measuring bowl combine Jell-O and boiling water until powder dissolved. Add pineapple and pie filling until combined. Pour into 13x9. Chill for 4 hours. Add whipped topping as you serve. There are recipes that use sour cream or cream cheese with pecans on top, but quite frankly my family likes homemade whipped topping much better.

Have a great day!

10 April 2012

A few spring Tumblr photos

Have y'all checked out my Tumblr blog? I go on there at night while I'm watching television. It's relaxing. The photo above reminds me of my childhood Kentucky springs.

This dress and pink bicycle full of fruit are spring personified.

We spent copious amount of hours playing croquet, badminton, and other lawn games. Kickball was a neighborhood favorite.

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08 April 2012

Photos from Easter

We went to church last night so we could sleep in this morning. Today we had lunch at Cracker Barrel. It was good but sodium filled and made me swell up. The BLT on sourdough bread, hashbrown casserole, cole slaw, and a corn muffin was SO hood, but tomorrow i'll be paying for it with a fruit cleanse. I won the peg game, which caused me to say "Yay!" a little too loud, which embarrassed the teens, which made my day. Will bought a large lollipop and Anne got taffy as additional Easter presents. Apparently the bunny (aka me) was a bit stingy this year. We sat out on their porch and rocked on their rocking chairs. Afterwards we drove out to Lake Lanier for a few minutes. I must admit I turned green with envy seeing the jet ski's. Mama want. We came home to lemon cheese pie. Other than making bread and cutting pineapples I'm off duty! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

02 April 2012


Apparently the first day of spring break entails polishing off a half eaten box of Girl Scout cookies and drinking a sugar laden iced coffee. It's too bad I don't have a bag of Doritos to really do me in. In the past I would have said, since I blew my calories for the day I may as well go all out. But today I am in lockdown, as Tabs would say. I'll be a good girl, well, for the rest of the day.


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