19 April 2012

Fine china

My beloved and I didn't register for china when we married 14 years ago. Honestly, Mother should have insisted, but she didn't. My sister received several pieces of her china when she married 8 years prior to mine. Hmph. Anyway, I'm ready to remedy the situation. Mother is a Lenox fan, but that's not so much my style. I want clean lines like in the picture i found on Tumblr. Other than that I'm not sure what to look for. Do y'all have china? If so, what brand? Do you use it?


  1. My china is Noritake Gallery ( can't remember the exact number) and I love it. It has a very vintage, romantic kind of feel to it. Probably wouldn't choose it now as my tastes have changes, but it's nice to have and pass down! Good luck choosing something that is totally you!

  2. Ours has actually been discontinued. It's Tiffany Blue Band, one of our most-commented on posts is one about Tiffany discontinuing the pattern (and many others) without notifying customers, despite having promised to when we registered. We do use it for special occasions, and love it. :)

    PS: Love the menu planning up above, that is some serious organization!

  3. We did not register (for anything) when we were married as we did not want gifts, but we do have this set of simple china for every day use. I'm sure that will change when a little one starts eating with us, but for now it is a very good all around set and can be dressed up with chargers and linens.

    I love your taste as always!

  4. Thank you ladies for your comments! I'm still looking. Husband is being pickier than me! I guess that's what I get for marrying a metrosexual. :)


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