27 April 2012

Friday Five

I am taking a cue today from Hopsy and doing a Friday Five. This is what I'm planning on doing this weekend. My husband is working today and tomorrow at a trade show. (If you're in Atlanta go say hi to him at the Alive Expo.) Today is school and then we'll probably watch a movie. Dinner will be homemade pizza, sorbet for dessert, and popcorn later (salt and butter free for me). Tomorrow I'm going shopping!

I need to get some jewelry repaired. The closure broke on my cross necklace chain. My son's cross necklace broke, my watch needs a new battery, and a few links need to be taken out of my husband's new watch.

I need to get a new perfume. I gave my Marc Jacobs Daisy to Anne as I was kind of sick of it plus I want something new for spring/summer. I adore this perfume! It smells like I'm wearing Hawaiian Tropic. Nordstrom has a cool gift with purchase. My favorite website for finding gift with purchase is this.

I have 2 cheap pairs of the big sunglasses. I know that trend is still "in", but I have kind of a round face and I just don't think they look good on me, even the square pair. So, I think I'm going to go back to my aviators.

I'm downloading Kathie's book onto my Kindle as I need some new material, I want to support my blogger friend, and she is funny as all get out! She is a total kindred spirit.

This is the movie I want to see tonight. I hope my husband agrees.

Have a great weekend! xx

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  1. That was a good movie! I made a comment on Lady Lydia's blog, Home Living, about the royal family. Tell your husband, the royal family is at the "center of the British peoples' consciousness" -- the way the liberty bell and the constitution and George Washington are for us in America!


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