23 April 2012

Menu Plan Monday

For years on my other blogs, every Monday I listed my weekly menu plan. I truly find having at least an idea or list of potential dinners makes life easier. I am not going to list what night I plan on having what just because I get frustrated with myself if it does not happen. I need a list of dinners, but I have to be a bit more flexible. Last week we had an issue that required both my husband and I to be gone at the same time around dinnertime. I felt SO guilty! I mean the two that were at home were 16 and 14 so they were certainly capable to find something to eat. However, I felt bad that they had to have the frozen burgers I keep on hand. See, that's how weird I get about these menu plans! So, instead of freaking, I will have a list of dinners that I plan, but not on which days. When I wake up I'll get the meat out to defrost that sounds good for that day and not fret so much.

chicken biscuit
bacon, egg, cheese biscuit
eggs and toast
fruit smoothies
breakfast burrito
leftover pancakes (if there are any)

chicken tenders
dinner leftovers

pancakes and turkey bacon/sausage
chicken enchilladas and salad
potato bar and salad
General Tso chicken and fried rice
homemade pizza
Kentucky hot brown and salad
soup of some sort and rolls

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