08 April 2012

Photos from Easter

We went to church last night so we could sleep in this morning. Today we had lunch at Cracker Barrel. It was good but sodium filled and made me swell up. The BLT on sourdough bread, hashbrown casserole, cole slaw, and a corn muffin was SO hood, but tomorrow i'll be paying for it with a fruit cleanse. I won the peg game, which caused me to say "Yay!" a little too loud, which embarrassed the teens, which made my day. Will bought a large lollipop and Anne got taffy as additional Easter presents. Apparently the bunny (aka me) was a bit stingy this year. We sat out on their porch and rocked on their rocking chairs. Afterwards we drove out to Lake Lanier for a few minutes. I must admit I turned green with envy seeing the jet ski's. Mama want. We came home to lemon cheese pie. Other than making bread and cutting pineapples I'm off duty! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

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