24 April 2012

Red Stamp

I cannot tell y'all how much I enjoy using Red Stamp! It's an app for Apple products (I'm not certain about Androids). I use it on my iPod touch all of the time! (My phone is a BlackBerry, sad face.) You can use pictures on your camera roll if you like and create any type of cards. The cards you create can be tweeted, emailed, or printed directly from the app! Balfour had a delay on Alex's high school graduation announcements so I needed to do something myself. On Twitter, Hopsy talked about her love of Red Stamp so I checked it out. Now, I use it for just about everything! As a WASP and Southern girl, if I wasn't to send a thank you note I would be kicked out of Georgia and my family. Seriously. Mother reminds me all of the time to make sure to send a thank you note. I always do before the reminder. I'm cool like that. I still use cute stationary for most things, but when time is a crunch a cute email card is better than nothing...especially when there's a potential for gifts!

P.S. I didn't show the announcement because I'm not sure how to take out the info of where the graduation takes place. Once I do I'll share it!

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