30 May 2012

Do you lift up your husband?

I've read three blog posts this week pertaining to lifting up our husbands. This is extremely important. Our husbands need 4 things from us: sex, a good and clean home environment with a well stocked refrigerator of yummy meals, intellectual conversation, and most of all to lifted up. They need to hear thank you as much as us ladies want to hear thank you for our hard work. Be proud of your husband. Keep the bedroom alive and going (I know this can be difficult when we're tired and have been holding children all day, but there are things you can do without much work ;). Make sure that you have a smile and a meal ready for your husband when he comes home. Watch the news not just the latest Real Housewife franchise so you can have intellectual coversations. Help your husband in any way you can!

For instance to help my husband I made him his favorite cookies, organized the children's bookcases (this is important to him), and helping him with business paperwork (which he hates).

He is one of the reasons I'm losing weight. Not just because he wants me to but of course he finds me more attractive when I'm thinner, but because he likes to be active outdoors and I already have a bad ankle and extra weight makes it worse.

Someone once told me to always be your husband's girlfriend. Best. Advice. Ever. We've been married for 14 years and this has helped us tremendously.


Read this, this, and this to be inspired.

The Mr.'s Favorite Pot Pie
2 pie crusts (I use refrigerated from Trader Joes)
2C shredded chicken
1.5C or 1 can (drained) mix vegetables
1 can cream of chicken soup or 1.5C bechamel sauce (use the rest of the sauce on Macaroni and Cheese, yum)
1/2C milk

Preheat oven to 350. Place 1 crust on the bottom of a Pyrex plate. Mix the soup/Bechamel, veggies, and milk. Add the chicken and combine. Pour into pie shell. Top with other crust. Take a fork and poke several holes into the crust. Bake for 35-40 minutes until lightly golden brown.

Serve with a salad and easy cobbler for dessert.


  1. Great post and such a true reminder. I know that my relationship with my man changed when I stopped focussing on his faults (Lord know I didn't want him to focus on mine!). After that, the shift really began within me and God allowed me to more clearly see his strengths so that I might appreciate all he has to offer.

    Hubby's can truly be your BFF if you let them! :)

    1. You're right! We can always find fault with others.

  2. :) I like it! Travis has always referred to me as his best friend and why should we desire anything less? I can think of nothing grander than to be married to my best friend until God takes me home! I enjoyed reading your post and seeing how different our guys really are. They like and expect very different things out of their wives.

    1. What does T want from you? I know he's your best friend and that's awesome!

  3. Excellent post, I think I'm diminishing mine at the moment but he has so severely blotted the marital copy book that it is very hard for me to do anything but that alas.

    1. Tabs, hit him with a frying pan and then use it to make him a meal! I hope it gets better for ya!

  4. Farrah, this is possibly the best post I've ever read. Everything is so true, and even though I've been married for over 30 years sometimes I need to be reminded of this. THANK YOU!!

    1. Thanks Miss Kathie! I appreciate your positive feedback! Being married for 30 years is amazing! Congrats!


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