04 June 2012


You always want something that you can't have. I can't bicycle. Don't get me wrong I can actually ride a bike, but because of a bad ankle I can't physically ride a bike. I love the ambiance of bicycle riding. My dream is to live in a community where you can bicycle everywhere without the fear of being hurt. My husband rides his bike to work most days this summer. It's a 6 mile ride one way. He loves it! He does say that it is quite scary sometimes (we live in a large metropolitan city), but thankfully he can ride on the sidewalk 90% of the time.

Some day I hope it is God's plan for my ankle to be healed to where I can ride my bike to the farmer's market, library, post office, etc. without the risk of being mowed down. Here are some cute bicycling photos from my Tumblr.


  1. I live in a place like that, but my knee hurts when I ride a bike. Sigh. Cute blog.

  2. Bicycles are awesome! My mom is a huge fan of riding around on her beach cruiser and I wish I could do the same, but we have a problem doing so in our neighborhood, not because it's a non-bicyclist friendly neighborhood, but because it's a bicyclist mecca! We live right on a lake and the road around the perimeter of the lake is where the HARDCORE and aspiring hardcore bicyclists go to train. You see PACKS OF THEM! It's insane on days with good weather actually. Welcome to the Seattle area. And everyone wears spandex...blech!

    I prefer the pix of the casual gals on bikes you posted. AMEN to leisure!


  3. Ellie, that's neat! II totally understand your pain though.

    Caroline, that's so cool about your Mom! There are bicycle paths and such here, but it is quite dangerous.

  4. It's a romantic idea, but not at all as lovely as it seems.

    I'm an American expat living in Europe, and after 2 years of riding my oh so vintage & romantic bike everywhere, I finally gave up and paid the 180% registration tax & $8/gallon gas to have a car.

    Biking was was fun for the first summer, then the rain came, then winter, then the fun of biking home with 10 litres of pink paint bungee corded to my cargo rack. Enough! :)


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