11 June 2012

Correct fitting clothes

This is an example of ill-fitting and unflattering clothing. Since I've been dieting my body has changed so much. Yes, I've lost weight, but more so my body has changed shape. I've gone from all over chunky to a hourglass with a slight pear shape.

Did y'all know that I have a BFA in Fashion Marketing? Yes, 10 years ago this month I graduated from fashion school. Because of my weight and feeling so uncomfortable in my skin and clothes I have shied away from doing posts on fashion. I love helping others dress for their coloring, body type, and style. Someday, when the economy picks back up, I hope to start my own wardrobe consulting business. So, this week I'm going to do a few posts, as time allows, on how to dress for success. I don't mean success for money, but personal success as in when you look good you feel good.

In the shirt above, which is a cute tee shirt from LL Bean and athletic shorts from Adidas, I look frumpy. Why do I look frumpy? Because the clothes are baggy. Now on a woman with more of a belly, this shirt would look great! Since I have a smaller waist, but still have larger "girls", this is not a well-fitting shirt for me. This is unflattering as it hangs from my chest. I have this same issue with A-line maxi dresses. For larger women or women without large chests or women with larger stomachs these dresses are perfect for them. For women with a smaller waist, they make one look pregnant unless they are small all over. The photo below shows the same look in a fitted shirt that is way more flattering.

Here is a quick outline of body types and styles that work:

Athletic/Boy: Ladies without curves need to create the illusion of curves. Padded bras, belts, or jewelry around the neckline will give the illusion of a larger chest and a waist. These women can wear the maxi dresses and the popular loose fitting clothes, but they should accentuate their leanness as much as possible. Modestly.

Pear: Pear shape are women with junk in their trunk. I've been that woman. I still am a bit. I do not want to emphasize my hiney at all. One needs to wear dark bottoms and prints or brights at the top. My daughter is a plus size pear shape. She can pull off the maxi dresses in a larger size because they skim the body. You don't want anything that is tight in your "problem" area.

Apple: This woman has a large midsection and often thin legs. For this body type, you are lucky, because most of the clothing out on the market is geared for y'all. You want to wear a-line dresses that show off your legs, larger blouses with leggings, empire waist dresses and shirts. Do not wear a lot of prints on your top though.

Inverted Triangle: Bigger on the top and small on the bottom. These women should show off their assets of smaller legs. While not emphasizing their "girls", they can't be hidden and should wear slightly fitted tops. These ladies tend to have large chests, smaller yet not small stomachs, and small hips and thighs. Pencil skirts are great for this type.

In every style, make sure you have the right size. Nothing spoils a cute dress like it being too big or too small. Many women do not want to show their bodies, and I'm not talking skin, that is for your husband. Most women look best in clothing that skims your body. Also, do not be afraid to go up in size. Different brands cut sizes differently. For instance, I can wear a 12 in Walmart but need a 14 in LL Bean. I also have found in Polo shirts and tees men's small fits me better than ladies as I am 5'9. So, once you know your body type think outside the box!

No matter what ladies, you want to dress beautifully, modestly, and emphasize your shape. If you need help determining your shape email me a picture from my profile and I will help you!


  1. I agree, we may not especially love fashion, but should try to look our best and take care of ourselves. It is amazing what dressing nicely will do to boost your confidence and appearance!

  2. Great advice; give us more. And, you look fine!

  3. But you look amazing in that green colour!
    What a great post, people always think I'm really skinny when they just look at my legs in cords or jeans but I'm almost two sizes bigger on top, I would love to have bigger thighs I actually felt very self conscious on the beach, my legs are like pins and look so odd with the rest of me.


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