27 June 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Color

This, and knowing your body type, are the 2 biggest answers for: what do I wear? I'm serious. It doesn't matter if a dress is $6k Chanel or $16 Target if it doesn't look good on your body or coloring. Two weeks ago I did a post on figuring out your body type. If you still have questions, feel free to ask me.

Story: I was a Girl Scout Gold Award winner. My Gold Award project was building self-esteem in young girls. I went to 3 different Junior scout troops and gave the troops speeches on loving themselves and taking care of themselves. This is a time in their lives when they start caring about how they look and other girls care about how they look. One of the things I taught them was what color "season" they have and what colors to wear. I gave their parents a copy of colors for them. Obviously, their bodies will change so I didn't spend much time on that subject, but I did talk about hygiene and taking care of their bodies. In the end, we did a runway show. The girls were so sweet! One little girl, Ashlynn, really came out of her shell while I was working with the troop and that was the goal. She felt SO beautiful and proud of herself at that fashion show. This is when I decided to go into the fashion business.

So, how do you find out what colors work best for you and your skintone? I have found two websites to help you out (Define Your Season and the original, Color Me Beautiful), but I will give you my tips on figuring it out. Or you can come to Atlanta and I'll help you! ;) My favorite class in fashion school was Wardrobe Consulting. My teacher had her own wardrobe consulting business and she said that this is the most difficult to figure out on your own. So, grab a husband, daughter, and/or friend and have them sit down. If you went to a store and did a seasonal coloring analysis, they will do what's called draping. They take drapes of cloths and put them up next to your face and see which colors make your face LIGHT UP! That's the key, what makes you LIGHT UP and even your skintone!

  1. Warm or Cool colors: put a silver bracelet on 1 wrist and gold bracelet on another wrist or gold necklaces. If gold looks best against your skin then you're a warm (Spring, Autumn). If silver looks best against your skin then you're a cool (Summer, Winter).
  2. Put on a white or black shirt and look at your skintone. Does your skin look drained or even? If you look really good then you're more than likely a winter. If not, then move on.
  3. If you burn then tan, then you're a summer.
  4. Spring's have the classic peaches 'n cream complexion.
  5. You don't have to have red hair to be a Autumn. Eva Mendes is a autumn because she has red highlights in her hair and golden undertones.
  6. Once you figure out what is your season, then do not worry as much on if you're a clear, soft, light, or deep...If you're a winter, wear cool, clear colors. If you're an Autumn, wear colors of the landscape. If you're a spring, lighten up the Autumn colors. If you're a summer, think of the sky and flowers and the beach.
  7. Big Tip: Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity or you know you have coloring like them, look them up online and see what colors their professional stylists have them wear. This also works for body shape. For instance, my coloring is very much like Giada De Laurentiis. She wears light bright colors. (Turquoise, pink, lavender, coral/salmon, and navy). I wish though I had her petite frame! Working on it...
Once you find out your color season, print out the picture above, laminate it, and put it in your wallet. When you go shopping, think, okay, I'm a hourglass shape with light summer coloring, if it doesn't meet that criteria do not waste your money on it. Remember if you look good, you feel good!


  1. A summer chick checking in here...lol. Neat post!

  2. I'm a summer as well, cousin!


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