13 July 2012

Clean Eating

Clean eating. Local. Sustainable. Back to nature living has become a hot topic. Really, it shouldn't be a new hot topic. It's an old topic as it is how our great-grandmothers and older (and some hippies) have lived forever. My husband is a N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor) he's been going on and on for years about what he calls the R.A.I.N.B.O.W. I don't want to give it away, but basically it's just sensible, natural living (rest, water, oxygen, etc.). Many are trying to get him (i.e. ME as he works like a horse) to write a book or e-book at the very least. I think this is a good idea but soon before the diet coke craze or something like that comes back again.

Basically, it is purchasing what I call God foods. If God made it, then it's clean. Organic is of course the best, but it is pricey, so if necessary for affordability, and if, like me you do not have space or enough sunlight for a garden of your own, then buy whatever you can get. Sometimes I may not be able to spend an extra $ or 2 on organic strawberries, but having plain strawberries is better than Doritos of the same price.

Locally grown foods are far more superior in taste and nutrition than from Australia. Ladies, there is such a thing as airplane hair. Can you imagine what is done to your pineapples?! I go to a farmers market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's. I'll be honest that I do not buy much produce at T.J. as the peaches, yes I said peaches, come from California. Hello? I'm in Atlanta where the peaches are grown less than 100 miles away. At W.F. there are signs that say where the produce is from and I buy according to that. Everything else I get from the farmers market, including farm fresh eggs, produce, and dairy. I do go to Costco for frozen items. If you're looking for some places to purchase local foods go here.

Both sides of my grandparents growing up had gardens, but I wouldn't say they were radical in natural living, although one grandmother has ever shaved her underarms, ew. Our family friend, the Bell's however were radical. Sara would trade her homemade bread hormone free organic sandwich for my white bread peanut butter and honey sandwich and Doritos. They had a goat farm (so much fun for this modern girl!) and rarely ate unhealthy foods. To this day, she is a total inspiration for me on healthy living.

See a trend with the Doritos? I grew up eating crap foods. It was so hard to go from crap foods such as Mt. Dew and Twix bar for breakfast to oatmeal and homemade ice coffee or tea. It's worth it. Not just the weight loss, health, and radiant skin, but knowing that I'm eating what my body is intended for is where it's at. I'm not going to go all crazy biblical here, but truly, your body is a temple. Would you give Jesus devil's food cake or would you give him organic raspberries from your garden? Hm?

***My Twitter and blog friend Miss Janice has shed quite a few pounds with clean eating. Check out her blog post. Also, I'm always inspired by Muffy's sustainable posts.

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  1. Farrah,
    Today I was tired. We drove to the grower's market on Saturday and bought our weekly local produce. Living in a farming area is a blessing. Lately I've been feeling that cooking healthy "clean" food from scratch sometimes takes an artist's flair for flavor and color, and a musician's know-how for perfect timing. It's a challenge. Your post has encouraged me not to waver- to keep going. Sometimes we eat simple - an avocado sandwich with sliced tomato on sprouted ww bread from the bread machine. Other times its "involved" as I chop up veggies for an Indian curry or put cubed eggplant into a roasting pan with olive oil and onion to roast for an hour - to use with pasta or brown rice. What makes it harder is that so many of us were raised on Minute Rice, Stove-top Stuffing, Shake & Bake, hot dogs, and the like.
    Thanks for your encouragement. I needed it today. I'll rest and return to the kitchen.
    Karen A.


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