16 July 2012

Missing gene

Today I was sitting on the floor folding the mountain of laundry that I don't know how or when it accumulated on my couch when I realized that I'm sick of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and mothering my husband and 3 teenagers. Part of me doesn't understand why the laundry must be neatly put away as it will just he worn again shortly. Why make the bed when you'll just be getting into it in 12-14 hours? (that question came from my smart mouth oldest son and I had no answer except I told you so.)

Both of my parents are type A personalities. They are perfectly organized. Their house is a perfectly sterile yet lovely house. Their clothes are neat and pressed and hanging in a very orderly fashion. Mother makes binders for everything including appliance manuals! So, if they both have that gene, why did they not pass it on to my sister and I? Maybe it's like a double negative and cancelled them out. Maybe we saw how much effort it takes to be that perfect. I don't know, but I need it!

My husband and his sister are both type A. They like order and cleanliness. Believe you me, my house is bleached clean and pretty picked up, but it's never enough for my husband. I don't blame him as since his sister is the same way, that's their thing. I would give anything if my sister in law lived nearby. She would be a well paid woman and I would be less stressed and have the time to make those binders!

We live in a small home and there are too many people to keep it as neat as a pin all of the time. Also, I would rather hang with my teens while I can than vacuum my carpet for the 3rd time in a week.

How can I change my attitude? How do you keep up? My husband's nagging does nothing anymore. The kids have chores but it's never to his standards which leads to yelling and he works so much I can't ask him to help here too. I've already started asking myself at 5pm before husband comes home, WWMD/WWMSD (what would Mother do/what would Martha Stewart do? Any more suggestions?


  1. I think finding a balance in home keeping is key. The biggest help of a routine for me is simply to not leave a room without picking up. Then I also have three designated cleaning days per week (essentially every other day). I try to do the dishes every night, but sometimes I cut myself some slack and do then the next morning. Routines just make life so much easier; they give you room to breathe.
    And don't stress about hubby's commentary. Take it in stride and do what you can. If everything is not perfect, at least you know you're keepin' it real. ;)

  2. Girl, I could have written this post! I used to keep an immaculate house, laundry was done in a prompt, timely manner, dinner on the table, etc. I am just plain worn out. I think we need to change our perception of perfection as our lives change and develop. My girls are 18 and 13. And we are BUSY...lacrosse, dance, volleyball, my husband and I both work outside the home and we also own our own business. I think it was easier when they were younger and didn't have any outside activities other than play dates. Gone are the days when they are asleep by 8 PM and I can catch up on things. We are walking in the door from the ball field at 9 PM the earliest, haven't had dinner and the girls stil have homework and need to shower. Pick your battles and delegate, delegate, delegate!!!!

  3. Caroline, thank you for your tips!

    Val, thanks for stopping by! It's difficult to get everything done in life, huh?


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