09 July 2012

Ohio Vacation

photo taken on I-75 in Tennessee (Mama want that Vespa!)

We traveled from Atlanta to Ohio to visit with my husband's family. We go there pretty much every July 4th week. It is SO wonderful to get out of the big city a few times a year. My in-laws live in the sticks...seriously. It's 10 minutes to town, so it's not that bad, but it's remote. My husband and I both grew up in the country and it's so nice to just check out for awhile. I do not have cell service out there so I really check out. We left on Sunday and stopped in Lexington, KY to stay the night as my honey was pretty beat. We stayed at a Marriott and I got to swim my laps and sit in the hot tub, which was not much fun when the temps are in the 100's.

I had a coupon for Cracker Barrel so we went there for dinner. I was a good girl and had a big salad. In high school I worked in the shop at Cracker Barrel and enjoyed it except we did Christmas trees in June...that was weird.

Will skipping rocks. Very Mayberry-esque.

Once we got to the farm we just relaxed. Yes, it was super duper hot and humid. So humid I swannee we perspired within seconds of being outside. It wasn't much better inside with no air conditioning! So, this lake is where we spent most of our time. Husband, sister in law, various children, and I would get on rafts and float for a good part of the afternoon. Crazily I didn't get burned very badly, just tanned. Unheard of in my life! Maybe it's because it's a Northern sun...

Me shooting

One night we went shooting. This is me holding a gun for the very first time in my life. Even as a Southern girl, I never hunted or went shooting. We shot clay pigeons, and guess what, I got one!!! Others didn't get anything and they own guns! Yes, I'm bragging on myself, but I have a right! :)

Nephew and I alternated between doing the pully thing that shot out the pigeons. Husband was teaching Will how to load the gun. I'll admit, I found this hot of my honey.

My great niece, Baby Reagan, was quite the entertainment for all of us. We are rarely around any babies. She's so tiny and sweet! Will had a blast playing with her at my sister-in-law's farm. He will be a good daddy someday. Oh, Lord, not for a long time though. Last night he was Facebook chatting with a girl!!

My Sister-in-law's chickens

Mini horses at Twilight

This is pretty much what we did there; ate, chatted, sweated, and swung under the big tree. So relaxing! There was a lightning storm on the night of the 4th so the only fireworks we saw was God's creation in the form of lightning! We came home on Friday night. Sometimes we just need to get back to the country and be reminded what it's all about!

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