16 August 2012

Conversations with Nana

This is Nana to my sister and I. Granny to every other cousin. Mother was not a fan of the name Granny or Grandma so we called her Nana. My sister was the second grandchild, so Mother's decision wasn't a bad thing. Nana turned 93 a few weeks ago. I wasn't able to be at the party, unfortunately, as my ankle still will not allow me to drive 400 miles one way. Nana knows I love her dearly and that's what's most important.

Nana is our family's rock. She is our prayer warrior. She has a gentle spirit. Nana is whom you go to when you need cheering up, a pep talk, or to know what the Bible says to do about something. I look forward to my (usually) weekly conversations with Nana. The weather is always discussed. We give the news of what we've heard from people. We ALWAYS complain about prices. She gives me frugal meal ideas. We talk about our bible studies. And, most importantly, she gives advice. Advice that only a woman whom has lived on this earth for 93 years can give. I am blessed!

I'll tell you later about my conversation with my other grandmother, Muzzie. She's a trip.

Call or write your grandmother (if she's living) today!


  1. Love this. I also love my very hot hubby that I can see in the pic!

  2. She sounds so much like my mum who is 90 now, I take her to the supermarket once a week and it takes us ages, she picks everything up and looks aghast because of the price, she won't buy it if she knows she can get the same thing for ten pence less somewhere else, it drives me crazy! Just like your Nana she is my rock.

  3. My grandmothers have moved on. My memory of them is strong. I lived around the corner from one and a few towns away from the other. They were both good cooks but rarely gave advice. I should have asked.
    Karen A.


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