03 August 2012

Midnight in Paris

Not everyone is a Woody Allen fan. In fact, I could live without seeing Annie Hall ever again. However, Midnight in Paris left me craving more. How could it end like that?

You probably know that I'm an escapist so Gil Pender going through time to his Golden Age (1920's) really resonated with my "old spirit". I too romantically imagine myself in different country's during different eras. To me this shows that not all is right in Whoville, which Gil figures out. To meet Dali, Hemingway, the Fitzgerald's, Picasso...wow. I understand why he transported to Paris at that time.

If you haven't seen Midnight in Paris, rent it. There was not one sexual scene or murder. Mr. Allen proved that though sex can be eluded to, it's not necessary to show. That's art.

P.S. How my husband and daughter can go from something as intellectually stimulating as Midnight in Paris to 21 Jump Street is baffling.

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