20 September 2012

Matchbook Magazine's questionaire

I adore Matchbook Magazine! Every month I anticipate a new edition. In the magazine they ask the people that are being written about what are their favorites so here is my list:

TEA OR COFFEE? Both! Iced coffee's in the morning (currently Pumpkin or Pioneer Woman recipe) and various teas for the 4pm sleepies 

I COLLECT... Goodwill designer clothes


SPRING OR FALL? Neither (Winter)


STYLE ICON? Kate Middleton, Jackie O., Sarah Vickers

LINENS? Ralph Lauren


I'M LUSTING AFTER... Tory Burch riding boots


GIRL CRUSH? Zooey Deschanel 

BOY CRUSH? Cary Grant (yes, I realize he's dead, but nobody is his equal that's living)

ON WEEKENDS... Spending time with the family

Now tell me your answers!

18 September 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... Cloudy, rainy skies; green leaves on the trees; birds and squirrels frolicking

I am thinking... how to be graceful when stress takes over one's life

I am thankful... for a husband that cares enough about his family to go to work even when he doesn't feel well

In the kitchen... right now...a mess from breakfast! Soon though it shall be clean and will have tomato basil soup simmering for dinner (served with quesadillas)

I am wearing... black long sleeved Ralph Lauren polo shirt (rain makes me want to be warm even though it's near 80 outside), Old Navy skinny jeans, and bare feet (when I leave I put on my silver flip flops

I am creating... well, I'm compiling, a great many items to be put on Craigslist

I am going... to pick the children up from school and co-op in a few minutes 

I am wondering... how to fight my fast food cravings

I am reading... Is Everyone Having Fun Without Me by Mindy Kaling, new Tea Time magazine, Pocketful of Pinecones by Karen Andreola (again!), and my audio book for the week is Bossypants by Tina Fey

I am hoping... to be mindful of my surroundings and not get caught up in my own world...enjoy my family and God's creation

I am learning... about Ancient Rome as Will and I study in humanities class

Around the house... gear up for fall 

I am pondering... how did I get 2 flat tires this morning from nails when I wasn't near a construction site

A favorite quote for today... "How can a pleasant home atmosphere, together with the discipline of good habits and a curriculum that includes ideas (to think about) help your school days run smoothly and happily?" -Pocketful of Pinecones, Karen Andreola

One of my favorite things... pumpkin spice iced coffee

A few plans: try some new recipes, a date with my husband, school, putting up fall decorations, taking two of the children and myself shoe shopping

14 September 2012

Nora Ephron

This week I have spent my usual several hours commuting while listening to Nora Ephron's I Hate My Neck. It is read by the author, my favorite, as you can hear exactly how they meant the words to sound. I Hate My Neck is kind of a memoir, kind of just personal anecdote, kind of just...inspirational. Ephron wrote the films that females enjoy. My three favorites are: "Julie & Julia", "Sleepless in Seattle", and "When Harry Met Sally". Well, four as I have to list "You've Got Mail". These are movies for intelligent yet romantic women.

Ephron was a journalist for the Post and an intern for President Kennedy (she calls herself "the only secretary that didn't sleep with President Kennedy"). She grew up privileged in Hollywood but moved to NYC as quickly as possible. She was married 3 times and has 2 boys, Max and Jake. She tried to have it all. That's what's inspirational to me. I've never tried.

I never intended to be a SAHM and days like today when something big happens with my kids I'm glad that I am able to be there with them to experience life, pray for them, and celebrate with them. Sometimes though, I wonder why did God not push me to believe that I can have it all. My sister has it all more than me, but even she will say that you can't have it all well. That's the key word. I digress, as this is about Ms. Ephron.

Ephron gives tips on how to take care of yourself. How to get a divorce if necessary. How to get a job that you desire. How to communicate with your family. How to live a fulfilled life.

I'll leave you with this. Get this book. Obviously Ephron was not a christian wife and mother. She never tried to be. She gives you wisdom that sometimes one can only get from someone whom has lived. I want to live.

13 September 2012


My husband and I frequently have squabbles over our "god". I guess by that sentence you may be able to figure out which side I'm on. ;)

I'm a bit hypocritical though about the subject. The television is ALWAYS on in our house. Granted this is my fault. I was a latchkey kid and television was my babysitter (except when I played with the kids next door, the nanny took pity on me, or spending time with my grandmothers). As a SAHM I took solace in knowing I wasn't alone because everyone was watching Oprah. Also, my kiddos would get so bored and I was able to get dinner on the table undisturbed. Big Mistake. Everyone eats around the television. Everyone unwinds around the tv.

We live in a small apartment yet we own a 52" tv! All that being said, I do use it for learning: Toddlers & Tiara teaches makeup techniques; honey Boo Boo teaches what bad parenting looks like; Giada teaches me how to say Italian spaghetti with an Italian accent; and X Factor teaches me to take care of my skin of I'll have wrinkles like Britney.

So, the moral of the story...don't buy a television. It makes you stupid...and hypocritical.

12 September 2012

My day in pictures

Yesterday I had a spine epidural completed (I have a ruptured disk from a car accident last year). That meant that I lie down for 24 hours, yes, I'm STILL on bed rest! I just had to wake up the Mr to take Anne to school. That's the first time he's been up before 9 since last school year!

Anyhow, this was my boring day yesterday:

Today won't be much more exciting

06 September 2012

Give me a burger

I've talked about my dieting and clean eating. Well, I'm not doing so well lately. Seriously, I've gained almost all of my weight back. This summer my clean eating bit the dust. I was eating clean and then our pool closed for a month, which put me out of my healthy frame of mind.

My bonus daughter has been eating healthy and exercise and I've realized that I'm showing her that it's pointless to work out and eat well for awhile and then gain it back. That's not my role. I'm the role model, and I haven't done well. I'd like to say that I'm ready to go back on HCG and eat 500 calories and be fit. However, I'm not going to do that. My lady parts became swollen, my menstrual cycle was messed up, and I was grouchy. I'm normally very go with the flow, smile on my face kind of girl. Not with that hormone in my system! So what am I going to do?

  • Remember that I am to be my children's role model above all
  • Remember that my body is a temple and needs to be reverenced
  • Eat a salad for dinner every night without my beloved cheese
  • Cut out my coffee
  • Eat 3 meals a day at home
  • Eat 1-2 vegetarian meals a week
  • Enroll in AquaFit at L.A. Fitness and begin swimming laps
  • Put French Women Don't Get Fat into practice!!
Please comment any tips and suggestions you have. I want y'all to know that potatoes, pizza, and burgers are my biggest weaknesses! I'm highly anemic so I've told myself that I need burgers to keep my anemia at bay. It's amazing what your mind can do to convince yourself to eat horribly. Wish me luck!

03 September 2012

Labor Day

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great day today! I sure did. It was so nice to relax and do a little shopping. Here is what I did today:

• Slept in!
• Picked up child and dropped other child off at work
• Went to Target (one of my happy places)
• Got groceries at Trader Joe's. Not a happy place, but necessary and ice cream was purchased.
• Watched Hunger Games and cringed most of the time.
• Yesterday our AC went out and it was turned on today with everyone singing hallelujah!
• Laundry
• Made an easy rice, chicken, and vegetable stir fry for dinner. Ice cream for dessert.
• Downloaded America's Test Kitchen podcasts. Side note: I adore Christopher Kimball's wit and bow ties.

What did you do today?

01 September 2012

Welcome September

Come September

Come September,
when two of nature's seasons live as one,
where days of summer shed their final afterglow
'ere falling gently 'neath an autumn's rising sun,
and every hanging bough and turning leaf will know ~

the green meets gold,
within the murmurings and turnings of trees
that flutter their branches in a restless dance
of impending change. Their limbs akimbo, as arms,
waving goodbye...watching autumn advance,

yet, summer pleads,
to share the days of changeling September
and clings to every breath of autumn's eve ~
spreading warmth and sultry breeze with waning movement
while knowing time grows short, and it must leave,

as beauty stays,
though, not for long, for gold becomes gold
after summer's sung her final song,
and lustrous are the days and nights made bold
with autumn's breath blowing chilly and cold ~

O'grieve September,
though, not for long, as gold turns into winter white,
then into green with 'springing' guile,
and summer's sight brings back September,
to share a season's remembered smile. 
Hazelmarie Elliott

Today I got my first Pumpkin Iced coffee of the season!


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