03 September 2012

Labor Day

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great day today! I sure did. It was so nice to relax and do a little shopping. Here is what I did today:

• Slept in!
• Picked up child and dropped other child off at work
• Went to Target (one of my happy places)
• Got groceries at Trader Joe's. Not a happy place, but necessary and ice cream was purchased.
• Watched Hunger Games and cringed most of the time.
• Yesterday our AC went out and it was turned on today with everyone singing hallelujah!
• Laundry
• Made an easy rice, chicken, and vegetable stir fry for dinner. Ice cream for dessert.
• Downloaded America's Test Kitchen podcasts. Side note: I adore Christopher Kimball's wit and bow ties.

What did you do today?

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