14 September 2012

Nora Ephron

This week I have spent my usual several hours commuting while listening to Nora Ephron's I Hate My Neck. It is read by the author, my favorite, as you can hear exactly how they meant the words to sound. I Hate My Neck is kind of a memoir, kind of just personal anecdote, kind of just...inspirational. Ephron wrote the films that females enjoy. My three favorites are: "Julie & Julia", "Sleepless in Seattle", and "When Harry Met Sally". Well, four as I have to list "You've Got Mail". These are movies for intelligent yet romantic women.

Ephron was a journalist for the Post and an intern for President Kennedy (she calls herself "the only secretary that didn't sleep with President Kennedy"). She grew up privileged in Hollywood but moved to NYC as quickly as possible. She was married 3 times and has 2 boys, Max and Jake. She tried to have it all. That's what's inspirational to me. I've never tried.

I never intended to be a SAHM and days like today when something big happens with my kids I'm glad that I am able to be there with them to experience life, pray for them, and celebrate with them. Sometimes though, I wonder why did God not push me to believe that I can have it all. My sister has it all more than me, but even she will say that you can't have it all well. That's the key word. I digress, as this is about Ms. Ephron.

Ephron gives tips on how to take care of yourself. How to get a divorce if necessary. How to get a job that you desire. How to communicate with your family. How to live a fulfilled life.

I'll leave you with this. Get this book. Obviously Ephron was not a christian wife and mother. She never tried to be. She gives you wisdom that sometimes one can only get from someone whom has lived. I want to live.


  1. I agree, Nora Ephron was truly a gifted writer, giving a fun spin on everyday occurrences. I've enjoyed everything of hers I've ever read. Thanks for sharing your take on this book :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Lynn!

  3. Oh honey, I'm sure you've "lived". Goodness gracious. :)

    It's funny though, the ideas we have about ourselves and the imprint we will make on this world, when really, we have no clue just how far the ripples we make extend accross time and miles and what God's purpose for those ripples is.

    There were times in my life when I wanted my reach to extend, weighty and wide, and times when retreat seemed the best path to choose. Inevitably, trusting that God's plan for my life far exceeded any ideas I could conjure up myself, leads me to profound ground...daily.

    I once made a comment, thoughtless and insecure, that forever shifted my viewpoint:
    I told a friend of mine "I feel like I am waiting for my real life to start."
    I said this at 22, after just graduating college, accompanied by a man who would turn out to be my future husband.
    After he and I left my friend's company, Numbers Man pointed out how sad, and untrue what I said was. My life began the second I came into being on this earth. Every day, every opportunity and every choice, should be an intentional one, no matter how small the moments seem. Every action and gesture you give of yourself means something to someone, if only yourself and God.

    While Numbers Man may have left God out of it, he said everything else. And I felt as though I had instantly wounded every single person I loved in my life by uttering that insipid comment and vowed to change my perspective at that moment.

    And I never looked back through that warped lense again.

    I hope none of that came accross as preachy...I just wanted to share my story, from a time I felt a similar way.

    Lots of Love..xoxo

  4. Thank you for caring and sharing Caroline! I appreciate you sharing your story and sentiment. Hugs and love to you too!


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