13 September 2012


My husband and I frequently have squabbles over our "god". I guess by that sentence you may be able to figure out which side I'm on. ;)

I'm a bit hypocritical though about the subject. The television is ALWAYS on in our house. Granted this is my fault. I was a latchkey kid and television was my babysitter (except when I played with the kids next door, the nanny took pity on me, or spending time with my grandmothers). As a SAHM I took solace in knowing I wasn't alone because everyone was watching Oprah. Also, my kiddos would get so bored and I was able to get dinner on the table undisturbed. Big Mistake. Everyone eats around the television. Everyone unwinds around the tv.

We live in a small apartment yet we own a 52" tv! All that being said, I do use it for learning: Toddlers & Tiara teaches makeup techniques; honey Boo Boo teaches what bad parenting looks like; Giada teaches me how to say Italian spaghetti with an Italian accent; and X Factor teaches me to take care of my skin of I'll have wrinkles like Britney.

So, the moral of the story...don't buy a television. It makes you stupid...and hypocritical.

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