28 November 2012

1937 Royal

My dear husband gave me a gift last night. I am an antique lover. My paternal grandmother was an antiques dealer and I spent a good amount of time in antique malls, thrift stores, and estate sales. She passed that love of historical artifacts to me. I believe I am the only grandchild to have this same love.

So, when my husband gave me this gift I was overjoyed. I have wanted a typewriter for awhile. I learned to type on an electronic one so this "new" typewriter will be a new experience.

It is a classic black 1937 Royal that needs new tape, but otherwise is in perfect condition. Isn't it sweet? My husband knows me well. Next one though I want to be a bit newer and pink.


  1. Best gift ever, I love it!

  2. Ooo, I like your typewriter. It looks like the one Miss Lemon uses in the series Hercule Poirot. Shall I admit that I owned a plastic manual typewriter that I took to college with me to write my papers in 1978? Wow, how far we've come. Even today I am a little too heavy on the keys of this lap top.
    Karen A.


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