24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Luke 2

The baby boy was born so that we can live.

Merry Christmas!

23 December 2012

Lights Aglow Downtown

Tonight the Mr and I drove downtown and decided to look at the lights at Centennial Park. It was neat seeing the red and white lights outside of the Coca-Cola Museum and Georgia Aquarium. Inside of the "park" there's a grassy area with a large lit tree and other lit decorations. I rather like the tree as it has a cross looking star at the top. In this age, it's nice to see a symbol rather than nothing's symbolic. The ice skating rink was packed, but with my ankle issues I'm fine with not going! :) in our suburb we have a smaller tree but more lights, so I'd say we won. Not that there's a competition per se, but if there was...the suburb won. In many ways.

Does your town have lights?

20 December 2012

Christmas Shopping

photo from my Instagram

Yesterday my husband and I went to one of the fancy malls in our city. I put on what I call my Audrey Hepburn dress. It's a knit fit and flare dress in black with black ballet flats and pearls. He was looking for a shirt to wear to his office holiday party. I do not like going shopping with him though as he and I have different tastes. I'm a WASPy/Preppy dresser and would prefer to see him in a RL OCBD and blazer with jeans and he wants a fitted modern/edgy button down. He found exactly what he wanted at Nordstrom. We had a wonderful experience at Nordstrom. I even tweeted about it and Nordstrom replied to my tweet! Their bags are cute too (see photo above).

I still have 3 more stores to visit before my Christmas shopping will be finished. I know...nothing like waiting until the last minute. Only 1 is near the mall though so that's good!  

Are y'all finished shopping?

14 December 2012

Our tree

Our tree is a simple tree. It has pinecones, twigs, and berries smattered throughout the tree. It is pre-lit and fits together in 3 different pieces. My husband puts it together in about 15 minutes. He's a perfectionist so he has to make sure the branches are in their correct position. ;) Sometimes I miss being able to put on ornaments, but quite frankly, the tree looks better without them. Below is a picture I took of a reflection of the tree upon our window. Leave a comment with a link to your blog if you decorate for CHRISTmas! I would love to see it.


12 December 2012


December 12, 2012 will never happen again. Granted, each day must be considered special as that day will never happen again. We are not Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day". So, instead of focusing on the fact that it will not be 12.12.12 again in our lifetime, focus on making each and every day memorable. We only have a short time with our babies, husbands, careers, etc.

P.S. I apologize for sounding like a motivational speaker! Haha! 

10 December 2012

Santa Soapbox and Memories

photo courtesy of Allposters

Every year I get on my Santa Claus soapbox. I know that my opinion isn't needed, or possibly even wanted, however, this is my blog so I am sharing it. ;)

Santa gets on my last nerve! He's a jolly "elf" that allegedly delivers presents to children all over the world. Riiiigghhtt. Um-hm. I don't think it's fair to do this to children.  It's not fair to give them bold face lies. I have some personal reasons why children should not be told about Santa. 
  1. The morality of Santa. IT'S A BIG FAT LIE! You tell your children a lie and then they may not believe you on other matters anymore. Such as, Jesus Christ. I had a child that said to me, "If Santa is in a book and everyone believes in him, but isn't true, then how can you expect me to believe in Jesus that's in a book but doesn't see." That child is still grappling with his feelings about Jesus.
  2. So, you have to say that Santa gives the kids the best presents, and us wee parents, give sub-par gifts. That's not far. You spend the money, but the fat guy gets the accolades.
  3. Santa is selective. You have to tell more lies to explain why you give presents to Toys For Tots because Santa doesn't.
  4. This "holiday" is to celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!! Santa detracts from the baby in the manger that died on the cross to save our sins so we have eternal life and is our heavenly father. 
I could go on, but I won't, as these are the biggies. When another child was about 3, I was at the chiropractor and Charles Stanley (famous pastor) walked out and asked my son what Santa was going to bring him. I said, I don't know if we are going to participate in Santa. Dr. Stanley told me that he never had someone tell him that their lives were ruined over Santa. So, we did the Santa thing until he was 6 and that was it. I couldn't do it anymore. 


For my quick memory:
When I was a child, I found out at a very early age about Santa. I wanted a Barbie Dream House that year. I heard something downstairs and thinking I would see Santa, I go to the basement and find my parents putting together the Barbie house. I remember thinking, who cares about who gives me gifts. I'm getting them!

How do y'all feel about Santa?

07 December 2012

Eloise at Christmastime

 There are few books that I can re-read many times. Eloise books are one of those books. It makes me happy. I am an inquisitive, happy, and a child-like little girl. The 3 literary characters I identify the most with are Judy Blume's Romeena, Anne of Green Gables, and Eloise. Plus, I would love to run around the Plaza!
 I like puppy's!
 Eloise making the tree rawther proper.
If you're wanting to be entertained in a wholesome way, read Eloise at Christmastime! 


02 December 2012

Christmas Cards

If you know me in real life then you are aware that I love getting and sending handwritten mail. As Buddy the Elf would say, "it's my favorite". Every Christmas one of my favorite traditions is sending Christmas cards. I usually purchase cards from Family Christian Bookstore or Lang. My "theme" always is something remembering the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ, and there is usually a picture of a church on it and usually snow. I adore snow.

The other day Muffy posted on her blog asking if people send out handwritten notes. Honestly, that never occurred to me. I have never received a handwritten Christmas card. We get the picture cards and boxed cards that are typical, yet warmly received. The thought of spending days handwriting letters on embossed stationery with a fountain pen sounds so Jane Austen-like...and impossible. I know it is not impossible, but maybe difficult to fathom doing. After seeing all of Muffy's comments though I am reconsidering the practice. I'll go to FCB this week and see what they offer this year. If I don't like it then I'm left with 2 choices. A picture card through Red Stamp app that I print on photo paper or I get out my stationery and get writing-by hand!

What type of cards do you send?


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