07 December 2012

Eloise at Christmastime

 There are few books that I can re-read many times. Eloise books are one of those books. It makes me happy. I am an inquisitive, happy, and a child-like little girl. The 3 literary characters I identify the most with are Judy Blume's Romeena, Anne of Green Gables, and Eloise. Plus, I would love to run around the Plaza!
 I like puppy's!
 Eloise making the tree rawther proper.
If you're wanting to be entertained in a wholesome way, read Eloise at Christmastime! 



  1. I, too, love love love Eloise! *cough* And The Plaza. ;)

  2. She's the best! I read the book before going to sleep last night...again!

  3. Oh I have to get this book, I can't believe I don't have it.


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