10 December 2012

Santa Soapbox and Memories

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Every year I get on my Santa Claus soapbox. I know that my opinion isn't needed, or possibly even wanted, however, this is my blog so I am sharing it. ;)

Santa gets on my last nerve! He's a jolly "elf" that allegedly delivers presents to children all over the world. Riiiigghhtt. Um-hm. I don't think it's fair to do this to children.  It's not fair to give them bold face lies. I have some personal reasons why children should not be told about Santa. 
  1. The morality of Santa. IT'S A BIG FAT LIE! You tell your children a lie and then they may not believe you on other matters anymore. Such as, Jesus Christ. I had a child that said to me, "If Santa is in a book and everyone believes in him, but isn't true, then how can you expect me to believe in Jesus that's in a book but doesn't see." That child is still grappling with his feelings about Jesus.
  2. So, you have to say that Santa gives the kids the best presents, and us wee parents, give sub-par gifts. That's not far. You spend the money, but the fat guy gets the accolades.
  3. Santa is selective. You have to tell more lies to explain why you give presents to Toys For Tots because Santa doesn't.
  4. This "holiday" is to celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!! Santa detracts from the baby in the manger that died on the cross to save our sins so we have eternal life and is our heavenly father. 
I could go on, but I won't, as these are the biggies. When another child was about 3, I was at the chiropractor and Charles Stanley (famous pastor) walked out and asked my son what Santa was going to bring him. I said, I don't know if we are going to participate in Santa. Dr. Stanley told me that he never had someone tell him that their lives were ruined over Santa. So, we did the Santa thing until he was 6 and that was it. I couldn't do it anymore. 


For my quick memory:
When I was a child, I found out at a very early age about Santa. I wanted a Barbie Dream House that year. I heard something downstairs and thinking I would see Santa, I go to the basement and find my parents putting together the Barbie house. I remember thinking, who cares about who gives me gifts. I'm getting them!

How do y'all feel about Santa?


  1. You met Charles Stanley!?! Jealous!

    And I live how my parents approached Santa with me as a child: We travelled a lot, and were rarely at home for a holiday; when I was 4 or 5 my mom explained to me that gifts from Santa are able to make it to me because all people have the kind-hearted spirit of Saint Nicholas inside them and so anyone can act on Santa's behalf. I should say that I already knew the actual story of Saint Nicholas well as that point. With this new knowledge I decided I wanted to act on Santa's behalf and stealthily give my parents gifts as well. So...from then on we all got to play Santa and I got some of the milk & cookies too!


  2. Farrah, I'm so glad I found your wonderful blog.
    I agree with you completely. Santa has drawn people's eyes and hearts away from the true meaning of Christmas. In fact, Jesus is hardly present at all.
    In our home Santa has the same standing as Frosty and the Christmas Angel. Completely fictional.
    Stand firm and keep doing what you're doing!


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