07 January 2013


All four of us need new bedding. The Mr. and I do not actually share our bedding. I know this sounds strange, but we sleep better when we have our own covers. He likes heavy bedding and I do not. The children need it as well. Consequently, I've been shopping for new bedding during the home sales. So far I like the Pottery Barn like Carly's above the best. What I don't know is how to divvy it up between us. I'm planning on getting Pottery Barn quilts with new sheets for the kiddos. 

I have a question, where do you find inexpensive yet comfy and durable towels? After the bedding, that's our next purchase.


  1. We got a new bed set at Macy's last year. I combined two sets as I like to use both a traditional coverlet and a duvet on the down comforter. I also have some raw silk embroidered decorative pillows that I picked up at Marshall's that I LOVE!

    If the bedding were rentirely ip to me we would have Laura Ashley sheet and an Amish quilt though. ;)


  2. Sorry...iPhone typing gone bad. Haha...

  3. Oh, Caroline, how I adore Laura Ashley! I worked there for a year and wish they were still in America! They outsource their bedding now so I'm not so sure.

  4. I like to get my fluffy towels from Kohls when they send the 30% off and have them on sale. You can get the big ones for cheap!


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