25 January 2013

Friday Five 01.25.13

Hey there blog friends! It's another Friday! This week has been pretty good. I'm still getting used to getting up at 6 to work out before I start my day. Somehow I have to get to bed earlier. Not sure how to do this, but I do not do well throughout the rest of the day on 6 hours of sleep. Never have. When my son was a preemie baby and couldn't eat much at 1 time, I walked around in a daze and was one unhappy camper. Sleep is necessary for me to function. Today I found myself dozing off while listening to Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom. It was dark, rainy, and quiet...and that's all it took. :)

Here are the 5 items that have been on my mind this week:

I bought this adorable phone cover from KraftWork Studio.

Thanks to my paternal side of my family, I do not look my age. I am blessed to look way younger. When we were looking at family videos over Christmas, my sister made the comment that in the last 15 years I have not aged at all. However, twice this week I was called ma'am. Now, this is the South and I have actually raised my child(ren) to say ma'am and sir, but most youngsters do not say this. It was endearing, but made me feel a little old at the same time. I'm proud of these Mama's and Daddy's that have taught them to say these words, however old it made me feel.

I installed the 3initials app on my iPhone. I'm obsessed with creating monograms for my phone wallpaper and now Facebook profile picture. My Mom has made the one I designed for her the profile picture for her new Facebook. Yes, Mother joined FB. Now I know how the kids feel.

"You're one day closer" works for many goals I'm trying to reach in my life. I've documented my weight goal, yet it works for the goals of figuring out my career and homeschooling my son. Every step I take towards each of these goals means that I am winning the wars.

Life truly is sweet. Every single time I get down, I realize there's so much in which to be thankful to God. Life is how you make it, and I'm choosing to make it sweet. Are you?

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Happy weekend! I thought about you when I ordered 4 gingham shirts!

  2. Oooh 4 shirts?! Sounds fab!


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