11 January 2013

Friday Five

This week's Friday Five are my 5 favorite things of the week.

I made 2 batches of these chips in 1 day and they were gone within minutes! They are so good, and healthy. 

My acid reflux has been out of control...so much so that I have not been able to sleep well or drink my beloved Dunkin iced coffee. Prilosec is the only thing that has remotely gotten me through my days.

I just finished reading The Duck Commander Family. It was a sweet and inspiring book about the Robertson family of my favorite television show, Duck Dynasty. My husband still can't believe that this fashion marketing major yuppie loves shooting and such a redneck show. :)

My parents gave me the Clinique 3 step set. I had been using Cetaphil soap and moisturizer, but it dried my skin out so much. Seriously, it was like I had botox because I couldn't move my face from the dryness! I got the set for very dry skin and though I need to use the moisturizer twice daily, there is a big change, for the positive!

I'm so excited that Bunheads is back on Abc Family! It's from the creator of Gilmore Girls, my top 5 favorite show ever. It's on Monday nights at 9pm.

What were your favorites of this week?


  1. I used to have horrible acid reflux...I did two things:

    1. I added digestive enzymes to my diet. Turns out it is often caused by lack of stomach acids rather than too much. Food can't digest and then reflux starts. I went from thinking I was having a heart attack all the time to pain/reflux free within a week.

    2. I started doing a lot of food combining. It's eating certain foods with other foods and not with some foods to optimize digestion.

    I did all this in 2005 and haven't had a problem with heartburn and reflux since then. If you want more info just email me.

  2. The best dry skin moisturizer I've ever used (I use it to this day) is from Chagrin Valley:

    I'm usually more of a name brand product junkie, but this stuff TRULY works for me so I use it, packaging be damned.

    xoxo C

  3. Thank you SP and C for your advice and for stopping by!

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