16 January 2013


With these dreary days, I've found myself feeling a bit down. Not depressed, just down. I have eternally foggy brain syndrome. Getting out of bed is a struggle, but once I'm up all is well. I'm not depressed, just blah. We've had tons of rain lately which means little sun. This brings on S.A.D. (Seasonal Affect Disorder) for so many people!

So, what to do? I went to my husband this morning and told him how I'm feeling. (He's a N.D.) He said that I need to do 3 things: 
  1. Take vitamin D3. That is the vitamin that the sun produces in your skin. When you don't have it then your brain doesn't function as well (if you're not on fish oils or flax, you should be for those help brain function too).
  2. Continue to exercise even when you're tired. This builds up your endorphin's  Remember in Legally Blonde how Elle said that when you exercise you build endorphin's  which makes you happy, and happy people don't murder their husbands? Yep...
  3. Put on your boots, grab your umbrella, and get out of the house for a few minutes. As a homeschooling mom I spend a lot of time at home. Getting out of the house and socializing with people will help you become more energetic as you feed off of other people. 
  4. This is just an extra, but if you have serious S.A.D. and live in places like Sweden when you get very little sun, invest in a sun lamp. Also, we don't have a problem with a 15 minute trip to the tanning bed every once in awhile. There you'll get warmth and vitamin D.

I realize this isn't a very WASPy topic, but I choose to do something about my sluggishness that doesn't require scotch (the WASP way to handle most everything.)


  1. Hmmm I think I will pop into the tanning salon for a few minutes. I could use some VitD and bright light! But the thought of going from the nice toasty bed back out into the bitter cold makes me whimper!

  2. I'm sure, especially up in Canada!


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