02 January 2013

It's That Time of the Year

If you're like me the last 2 weeks have been lived in a blur: semester end homeschooling, cooking, shopping, wrapping, movie watching, traveling, snowmobiling, etc. It's all happened so fast! Including putting on the pounds. Every January 1st we make goals as a family. Every year it includes: balancing budget, making more money, praying together as a family, and losing weight. (I'll give more details in a second.) My husband is a first born goal oriented kind of guy. I'm the baby of my family so naturally I find them annoying. Which is why I dread this time of year. Husband is full-on goals and introspection. The kids and I prepare for it, but we're not fans. Still, I think going through life without direction isn't good either. That's how the last 2 years seem to have gone for me. I'm very good at going with the flow, which is how I've needed to be, but I know it's important to my husband and myself to be more controlled in my life. So for transparency, motivation, and accountability sake I will post my personal goals (we have additional family goals):

  • Lose weight: Cut salt and sugar intake, eat breakfast, do cardio 4x's a week, try Barre, actually do the healthy living items on Pinterest.
  • Cook most meals from scratch
  • Start freezer meals
  • Send out a letter every week
  • Do a kind act every day
  • Be more organized with my time
  • Go to career counseling center to figure out what I want to do professionally in case I need to go back to school
  • Make sure B knows that I am his teammate
  • Write 1 love note a week
  • Have the house cleaned & organized so when he comes home he feels comfortable
  • Listen to him better
  • Push the children harder about responsibility
  • Teach them how to budget
  • Blog 3x's per week
  • Stop worrying about comments and followers
  • Be myself
Relationship with God:
  • Turn to Him with struggles
  • Read the Bible daily with family
  • Tithe
  • Find friends and entertain them
  • Turn off the television
  • Read several books per week
  • If something doesn't bring me closer to God then push it away
  • Call Grandmothers

I'm linking up with Bella Michelle. Please write your own goals and let me know what they are so we can encourage each other.


  1. Hmm I should try to find some friends too. I know so many people, very few are actually friends.

    Oh and I am going to work on improving my handwriting.

    I can't wait to hear how your list goes!

  2. Those are some really, REALLY good goals! You can do it. I'm taking some of yours and stealing them - hope that's okay.

  3. WoW...you go! I hope you accomplish every one of your goals for 2013. BTW, you have a fabulous blog!

  4. Oh girl! I love your list (well, minus the weight loss...because, uh, I have given up on that being a reality for me!) You have some really good things that I need to focus on and I particularly love your "send one letter" a week...that could also double as a kindness I am sure!

    Happy New Year!!!

  5. P.S. Thanks for linking up with my 2013 Goals & Resolutions post!


  6. Thank you ladies for stopping by!

  7. I bought a reproduction 18th the century girlhood sampler kit with silk thread that I will attempt to stitch this year.

    I'd like to work on the "friend" goal since we are somewhat new to our church - to invite some couples from into our home and serve meals in front of the fire.

    I already eat and cook healthy but expanding the day to day menu is needed. We are in a food rut.

    I write several paper letters every week because ( I am from an older pre-computer generation) the habit has stuck. I like reading about your letter writing goal. I have some rubber stamps and wish I had a "crafty" friend who could show me how to make my own pretty stationary.

    Yes, holding children accountable is a good thing.

    Since I've been married since 1979 I've learned to listen but now I realize I need be intuitive enough to hear what he is "not" saying, too.

    Happy New Year,
    Karen A.


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