19 January 2013

Mid-January Goal Update.

Hello! Did y'all notice my new blog theme update? Gingham is my favorite fabric and I made it this blog, Twitter, and my Tumblr backgrounds. I'm going to do a follow up to my blog post listing my goals for the year. I'm really trying to be held accountable and so that's why I'm sharing them here. The plan is to share the update bimonthly. I may be tweaking them throughout the year.

  • Weight loss- 5 pounds lost so far by decreasing my iced coffees, sweet tea, and chips. I have yet to begin my workouts for a few reasons. Anemia, back to school early hours, and almost completely stopping caffeine=exhaustion. My body has pretty much gotten used to the early hours and little to no caffeine so I think I can start rising 30 minutes earlier to work out. I've realized if I don't get up early then it won't happen. I'm eating oatmeal pretty much every morning as well.
  • All but 3 meals have been made from scratch since January 2nd! :)
  • I've mailed out a letter every week. I cannot do every day, but have been able to write several letters in 1 day and get them out.
  • I have been doing a kind act every day for the most part. Even when I'm at home I try to do something to make the family happy.
  • I'm still working on being organized with my time.
  • I'm researching career counseling centers
  • Keeping the house cleaned and organized for the most part.
  • I'm working on listening closer to my husband.
  • Have set up one child with a budget so it's a start.
  • I've blogged on average 3x per week.
  • We are sitting together as a family for dinner every night except weekends.
  • I haven't been able to get in touch with my grandmothers but do try.
  • I haven't found any new friends yet. Though I haven't really tried. :(
So far so good! Please keep me accountable!


  1. Well done! I always find January a hard month to get on track but you are doing a great job!

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