21 January 2013

nighttime routine

Since school starting back from Christmas break, I've had a difficult time getting up and going. I've had a routine going for awhile, but recently I've tweaked it. First of all, I've made it so that from Sunday night through Thursday night I moved my start time of bedtime routine earlier. Here's my routine:

 I start every night with a epsom salt and essential oil bath. I have joint issues and find that the epsom salt helps. We have several Wyndmere essential oil blends and use which ever one will help me at the time. The one I use the most is Sleepy time. It has lavender and other oils that are so relaxing!

It's essential to remember to take off any make up. During the winter I have been using Pond's dry skin cream. After turning 35, I've noticed a big difference in the oil, or lack thereof, production of my skin. I use Clinique dramatic moisturizer after brushing my teeth to really seal in the moisture without making my skin feel greasy. I then use Burt's Bees moisturizing lotion on my body then the Coconut Foot Creme, which I cover with socks.
 Always the last thing I do is set my alarm clock on my iPhone. If I don't then I worry it will not come on. Tuesday's are my busy days so I am not going to allow time to work out on that day, but starting Wednesday, I will be rising earlier to exercise. Joy...
The last thing I do is read something entertaining yet nothing thought provoking. I have a Kindle and read Grace Livingston Hill and such, but many nights I go to bed with a Victoria or Tea Time magazine. I have several of my grandmother's vintage Victoria's. I've also found some on ebay.

Last I turn on my hepa air filter. I seriously cannot sleep without it! That thing has been to every vacation. If ever I cannot sleep I will listen to one of my audiobooks. Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat is ironically soothing. I'll just put in my headphones, set the timer for an hour, and drift off to sleep. I hope this gives y'all some tips. It's imperative for each of us to get 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Happy Sleeping!


  1. I'm thinking of that scene in Sleepless in Seattle...

    I usually just take a melatonin and conk out 20 minutes later. I do love the Burts Bees coconut foot lotion stuff...I was using it just yesterday!

  2. I've heard melatonin works well.


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