26 February 2013

3 Months

Memorial Day is three months away. Three. Months. From. Tomorrow. The pool will open, which means a (modest) bathing suit must be worn for my daily swim. Oh. No. It just hit me like a ton of bricks that in 90 days I need to fit in summer clothing. CAN YOU SAY PANIC?

Most of the women on my father's side, the WASPs, are petite with small bone structure yet womanly figures. I'm totally jealous. I inherited my mother's height and large bones with the womanly figure of the other side. My mother has a tall and rectangular body. I'm tall, big boned, and hourglass. My aunt and grandmother never worked out, but walked and just stayed busy. Of what I understand, that is the case with most preppy ladies. Walking, tennis, golf, and swimming are how they exercise. I cannot include myself in this list, except for swimming because of my ankle disability.

4-5 times per week I do Blogilates or Tracy Anderson Method for 30 minutes then do additional spot work outs at night while the television is on. I'm working my way up to an hour with more advanced methods and repetition. I've also cut fast food and most wheat and sugar. I've heard a lot about the 30 day clean challenge and may start it on March 1st.

What do you do to exercise? How are you losing weight? Do you use Fitblr or Up? Would they help?

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