20 February 2013

Goal Update

First of all, yesterday was my 100th post on VW! :) I've had over 1000 posts during my blogging career, but each milestone is neat.

Back in January, I shared with y'all my goals for this year. I just realized I have not updated as planned. So, here it is:


  • I am exercising on average 4 days per week. I have severe anemia and when it's that time I cannot physically exert the energy, otherwise, I have pretty much stayed on track.
  • I have also cut my calories some, but I'm not worrying as much about calories as just eating healthy. My Frigidaire is stocked with plenty of healthy foods. God foods. 
  • We have had healthy homemade dinners every day since the beginning of the year. I have strayed  on the no fast food aspect of the goal, but at least I do feel guilty, which is the next step.
  • I so enjoy sending my weekly letters! If you would like to start exchanging snail mail, please let me know!
  • Unfortunately I have not gone to career counseling center. I really need to do this. Please encourage me. 

  • Husband has had some unfortunate things go on at work. So, I am working really hard at letting him know that I am his teammate. I try to just listen and help when I can.
  • I am working on losing weight
  • I have gotten better about looking more presentable so he isn't embarrassed.
  • There is something about being 14-15 that causes children to have responsibility-itis. It's such a struggle with him, but not with the older ones.
  • Budgeting is ongoing.
  • I am blogging on average 3x's per week.
  • I can't say that I don't stress over the lack of comments and followers, but I'm not focusing on it.
Relationship With God-
  • For Lent I've begun a new bible study which I love by Teri Maxwell
  • I'm not doing so well at finding friends as I missed the opportunity to join a bible study. I'm looking for bunco or something like that to join for finding friends.
  • I've turned off the television during the day! :) Love it!
  • I'm going to bed a little earlier to get my reading in, but it's still a bit slow. I need to work on that.
  • I call my grandmothers frequently, but many times I don't get in touch with them as one grandmother is deaf and will not pay for new hearing aids as she's 93 and thinks she may die so why spend the money. Haha! The other grandmother is a social butterfly in the assisted living. If I don't talk to them I make sure to send them a letter. They just want to know they are being thought of and are loved.
**I want to add a goal of finding a new car. Also figuring out schooling for my youngest for the fall.**

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  1. I'm chuckling at how you went from missing a bible study opportunity so you will try for Drunko instead :O)

    It's hard to make friends...have you thought about joining any committees? I'm on dozens of them and chair a few as well. It hasn't made me any friends but I certainly do get out a lot with people who have common goals and interests.


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