04 February 2013

Rocking Chairs

Having grown up in the South, where I still reside, spending time outdoors on the porch has been a huge part of my life. Oh the stories I heard from friends, family, and neighbors...My favorite memory was on my maternal grandparents rockers and porch swings. My cousins and I would get them going really high and have so much fun! When I would stay with them for a week or so every summer, at night I'd run off the porch to catch lightning bugs and run around while Nana and Papaw were on the porch. Papaw would play his guitar. He's in heaven now probably playing his guitar, wearing his white cowboy hat. My paternal grandparents also had a porch on the front of the house and the back. There were not swings though as they lived in a large antebellum plantation looking house. Muzzie had her wicker on the back porch and we'd sit out there and talk, play in the sprinklers, and watch the cows across the way. Oh, and eat pounds and pounds of watermelon (salted, please, and thank you). My parents didn't have a front porch, but we had a balcony. Unless there was a party of some sort, however, we spent little time out on the balcony. My husband and I have been designing our next house and no matter what, there will be a porch! My grandchildren will have porch swings!

In the meantime, my husband and I have a balcony, in which we are wanting to put rocking chairs like my grandparents had when I was growing up. Do y'all have any recommendations? We love the ones at Cracker Barrel (like the ones in the picture above), but if we are already paying over $100, I'm wondering if we should invest in some that will last a long time like at LL Bean. If you have durable rocking chairs, please let me know where you bought them!

Did you grow up spending your time in rocking chairs?


  1. I always have house envy when I see a big porch. It's the one thing my house is missing. In the list of things I wanted it was what I had to sacrifice for the pool, wood burning fireplace etc etc...

  2. Oh I would love a porch and rocking chairs, I must rent a house like that for a holiday sometime, we don't have them over here.

  3. I could and would rock all day long! I loved rocking H during the baby days and look forward to rocking my own babies one day. I can't remember exactly which airport it was but somewhere I visited (NC I think?) had rocking chairs in the airport. So relaxing!


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