24 February 2013

Sunday Morning Soapbox

 Bacon. I could write an entire ode to bacon. It's salty, smoky, greasy, and crisp...and banned from my house. My husband and I are trying to lose weight and of course we don't want the children to have clogged arteries. So, husband banned pork bacon. I. could. cry. It's easy for him to do as he is a Yankee. The last two Sunday's have entailed me making turkey bacon. It is disgusting. I hate turkey anything, except for Kentucky Hot Brown, but then again, it's smothered in creamy cheese sauce, so that's alright. So, I end up just eating nothing. I'd rather starve than eat turkey bacon in all it's limpness and lack of salt. I WANT MY BACON! Maybe I will lose weight since I'm skipping the meal, so husband may be on to something.

It isn't easy to remember that God is in control...We have had some major goings-on here in the VW household. Mainly with husband's job. It's so easy to get caught up into the fear and worrying that as Christians we remember that He is in control and there is a reason for everything. God has a reason and His timing is perfect.

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Stop by again!

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  1. Oh, bacon is worthy of ballads being written about it for sure!

    Couldn't you still have bacon, but only cook up a fraction of the package? That is what I do in my house because otherwise...the two of us will eat the entire package in one sitting. I allot 2 pieces for me an 4 for the hubs. And certainly not every Sunday. And MOST certainly not turkey bacon. Blech!


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