10 February 2013

When someone you love feels ill

My honey bear hasn't been feeling good this weekend. He is the healthier one, him being a doctor and all may have something to do with it, and I have severe joint issues. However, this weekend he was down and in pain and there wasn't anything I could do...that's the worst part...feeling helpless. I think he is doing better tonight, with the help of pain medications. We've been married for nearly 15 years (Valentine's Day is our anniversary) and he has never taken medication except antibiotics 1 time when he had pneumonia 8 years ago. So, I looked up what to do to help him feel better but mainly I was just there. I gave him lemon water. Gave him medicine when it was time. Kept the teens quite. Cleaned the house like he likes it. Called the insurance company. Make sure he knows that I'm here for him. Pray for his pain to go away. And I'll continue until he's back to par.


  1. Happy almost anniversary! Hope the hubs is feeling better!


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