18 February 2013

yes, i will forever be the baby

My big sister (whom I'm 2" taller than), her husband, and two children came to Atlanta to visit this past weekend from Indiana. We had so much fun. My BIL's best friend lives in the NE part of GA, and they stayed with them as we do not have anywhere for them to sleep. Still, we got together for a few hours of shopping (we have an American Girl store 10 minutes away so that makes me popular with the pre-teen set) on Saturday and lunch today at Cracker Barrel. I had pancakes and bacon, yum, yum, yum!

Something I realized this weekend is I am a mid-30's aged baby. On my dad's side I was the baby of the family until for 30 years. I'm the baby of my parents two children. My sister and I were about to leave the mall on Saturday, and I had some things in my hand, and while I was putting on my (cute) kelly green with white polka dot cardi, my sister came over and helped me put my arm in my sleeve like she did when we were growing up. J is nearly 7 years older than me, and quite frankly, pretty much raised me along with my parents, Muzzie, and my nanny, Miss Anna. She still helps me in any way she possibly can as my big sister.

There is a lot of truth to sibling personality order. My mother and sister are both super pulled together as in they can go on 5 hours of sleep and still get it all done. They both worked a gazillion hours a week and do girl scouts, ballet, and whatever their kids want to do, they make sure they do. Now, both of them are first born daughters. My husband, being a first born, has to have everything perfect. I'm like, if it's neat, clean, germ free, and I know where to find what I'm looking for then it's alright. I try, but I sometimes feel like I'm going against the grain.

I am the baby. This is my table that holds my stuff. It's a mess. I am alright with it though. Husband is not. I need a roll top desk. 

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  1. I am the first an only born, from a long line of only children to boot.

    Husband is the baby - I keep saying when I win the lottery I am going to move next door. Gawd it's hard living with the baby of the family!


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